Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week Two Running

Yesterday I had to get back in the swing of things when it comes to running.

Saturday I didn't get to run at all.  All day long I was decorating or getting ready for our big Girl Scout Spring Fling.  This year's theme was "A Red Carpet Event", so we dressed up as fancy as we could get!  We all looked great, but I made the mistake of wearing some incredibly high heels.  Which is not something I am used to anymore.  By the end of the night, my feet were killing me.  I'm not sure what those shoes did to my big toe, but three days later - it still hurts.  There are several ladies involved with the Girl Scouts here, so I invited them all to run the Palo Duro Hot Dog also.  One of the ladies actually ran it a couple of years ago.  She said it was a lot of fun, and not as hard as it sounds (of course, this same woman is running a 50 mile race this summer!).

Sunday I did not run at all.  I woke up feeling sick to my stomach, and it lasted all day long.  I couldn't even walk around the house without feeling yucky.  At one point, I thought maybe I could go out running, but as I walked around the house getting ready I started feeling terrible again.  I decided to just let it pass, and pick back up on Monday.

Yesterday, I had the day off from the daycare, but had to take Flower to get her eyes checked.  We decided that since we were already in Amarillo, we would just do some shopping.  The weather was supposed to turn severe yesterday afternoon, so we made sure we were home pretty early in the afternoon to avoid getting hit by hail!  We never did end up with a single drop of rain here in town, so Mattie and I put our running shoes on, leashed up Tank, and took off.  Taking those two days off didn't seem to hurt me much.  In fact, it may have helped.  My legs weren't hurting as bad as before, and was easily able to run longer than the 90 second time allotted on the C25K program.  Mattie wasn't feeling it last night at all.  She whined the whole way, and moved her arms to make me think she was running!

As we were making the home stretch, my neighbors saw us running.  He looked at me like perhaps I had lost my mind, so I explained to him that I was getting ready for a 9 mile race.  He bet me $20 that I wouldn't be able to finish.  Game on!  The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can't.  I have more people who think I can't do this than people who think I can.  Inspiring, no?

Today is supposed to be "unseasonably warm", so I will be running in the heat again this afternoon.  That's OK with me, because I think it will just get me used to running in heat.  I have a couple more days left of the first week in the C25K program, but today I am going to run week two.  Week two starts with a 5 minute walking warm up session.  After that, I will jog for 90 seconds, then walk to 2 minutes.  Seems doable, as week one was starting to become pretty easy.
Have a blessed day!