Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010!

Here I sit, on the last day of the year, thinking about how things have changed!  For one, I am not searching for the party of the year.  I have no intention whatsoever of getting so schnockered that I don't even remember bring in the new year!  I remember when I enjoyed doing that, now I just wonder why on earth anyone wants to spend the first day of the new year hung over?  Instead, I have done nothing but sit on the couch with my husband, watching our two beautiful children playing on the floor with their plethora of new Christmas toys.  Looking back, it was a crazy year.  Many things changed in our family: new jobs for my man; surgery, new friends, and a new school for my girl; changing from baby to toddler for my son.  As for me, there are a lot of new things.  Most people would view them as insignificant, but not I.  No, I see every detail as something important in some way.  I do not believe in chance, or coincidence.  Each moment that has happened, or will happen, was specifically written into my life by my Creator.

I've spent a solid year without having to choose between a 9-5 job and my kids.  Instead, I've been given the privilege of caring for my children, as well as the children of 3 teachers here in town.  I figured it up:  I make a whoppin' $8 an hour watching those extra kids, and I certainly don't get paid for my own.  But to me, its priceless to be able to serve my family every hour of the day.

I've had to learn how to be OK alone at times.  That I will be OK if Barb Wire Man doesn't make it home every night because of his job.  I learned that keeping a very large revolver close at hand sometimes helps me feel more at ease when he is gone!

I've been proven yet again that God, not a job, the government, or a husband, is my Provider.  This has proven true more times in my life than I could ever count!  When my husband went without a job, we never hurt for money.  We never went hungry, and our bills were always paid and current.  My husband's dream job opened up for him at just the right time.  God's timing is always perfect.

I've re-learned that not only is God my provider, but He is also my protector.  "Something" told me we had problems with our home's gas service.  On a hunch, I called the gas company and asked them to look at it.  Sure enough, gas was leaking into my home from a broken line under my kitchen.  The leak was so bad, the gas man was surprised no one was injured.  Thankfully, we were able to convert our gas water heater to electric in a matter of hours.  How many nights did my family fall asleep, unknowingly breathing in carbon monoxide, yet wake completely healthy the next day?!  I'm sure experts could give you reasons, but I will operate on the fact that is was God providing divine protection for His children.

I've learned that going to college does not make you intelligent, nor does dropping out of school make you an idiot.  That a person lacking "higher education" can make as much if not more money than the genius just out of college.

I've learned that sometimes it is nice to sit on the couch holding your children on each side of you, and not worry about the way your kitchen looks, or the laundry piled up on the other couch....which was probably the reason the kids were so close to me to begin with!

I've learned much more, but will stop there.  The last day of 2010 in the Texas panhandle is pretty nasty....winds in excess of 25 mph sustained, with gusts upwards or 55.  Yes, its the type of day when the weather men tell you to tie down lawn furniture, and to hold on to dogs and small children.  Anyone under 100 pounds should put rocks in your pocket, and/or tie a flag to yourself.  There are some nasty brown clouds, not because rain is on the way, but because there is so much dirt in the air the sky is actually brown.  And its bitterly cold - 37 degrees by my thermometer- which makes the wind chill negative to damn cold for me to go outside degrees.  (I made that up, by the way!)

I think I will go now and put on some hot tea to warm my bones, then cuddle up next to barb wire man who is asleep on the couch, holding the remote control so I can't change the channel on the TV.  And I bet I will be in bed by 10:30, so have fun ringing in the new year without me!

Happy New Year, everyone, and may 2011 be blessed!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Lady in the Craft Store

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and that everyone was able to share some wonderful time with your family making memories.  I have but 3 more days of vacation, spending time with my two babies.  I didn't get nearly accomplished that I had hoped, but I did get to see them learn and experience some of life's most important lessons. I will share one of those with you today, and hope it brings you a little smile.

When, if, I waste my valuable time watching TV, its almost always on some type of history related show.  I absolutely love anything about history.  I've even been known to watch ghost hunter shows, only to hear about the unique history of a building....I could care less about hunting ghosts!

One of my favorite periods to learn about is World War II.  I cannot soak in enough about this era, so we were watching a show about the Nazi's.  My sweet Flower had a horrified look in her face when she looked at me, and the conversation went something like this:

Momma, I think this just cannot be true.
And why is that?
I just don't think there is anyone who can be that mean, cruel, and hate other people so much, that they kill them just because of what they believe.
Well, unfortunately, there were, and still are, people with that much hate in their heart.  And yes, this truly did happen.  Never forget it, and learn from it.
Yes, but mom,. it was so long ago.  I mean, I bet we don't even know one person who could tell us about how it really was then.

I began telling her stories of how my Grandfather fought in World War II.  Told her how a very dear friend of mine's grandfather was actually in the SS during this time.  Told her about another friend I have who's grandmother was in a concentration camp.  She was blown away, when I began connecting people we know very well to a story on TV....we knew someone from almost every side of that war.

We went on about our day.  Drove an hour to go shopping with some Christmas money we had received.  Our last stop was at Hobby Lobby, and I was, of course, on the knitting supply aisle.  A lovely elderly lady was just a few feet away from us.  My girl said "MOM!  Can I get some more yarn to finish my scarf with?"  I  told her no, that she needed to finish knitting what she already had first.  "You never do, mom."  She caught as I say, not as I do!  Right then, this lady said "Excuse me, but I couldn't help but over hear your conversation with your daughter.  Did she say she knits?"  "Yes ma'am", I said, "She certainly does.  Still learning, of course, but doing very well."  Her face lit up, and was so happy to hear that this little 7 year old knew how to knit.  I will shorten the story., but you will get the gist.  It started like this:

"Back ages ago, when I was not much older than you, my mother taught me to knit.  My very first project was an olive drab sweater, size 46, for a young man.  You see, this was back during The War, and we ladies did anythin' we could for those fightin' boys.  I knew that young man was fightin' off them 'natzees', and he needed something to keep himself warm....

45 minutes later, we learned that she married one of those fightin' boys, but the last few years were a bit harder, because the Lord called him home.

I struggled to keep the tears back.

Flower was entranced.  I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was not ready for the story to be over.  She even asked if we could invite her to our house for tea.  My Flower learned that the stories she saw on TV were much, much more than stories.  They were personal.  The lady she saw working on fighter jets on the show?  Well, that could easily have been the woman we just spoke with.  The soldier she saw rescuing Jews from the concentration camp?  That could have been her great-pa. There are people who remember those days as well as you and I remember what we had for breakfast.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, to that sweet little old lady in Hobby Lobby.  I fell in love with her!
Let's remember a few things, too.
If we do not learn from history, we will repeat history!
We have "fightin' boys" now, too.  I'm not a huge supporter of this, but we have fightin' ladies, too.  We need to always remember them, pray for them, and support them, regardless of how you feel about that war being fought.   Their job is not to choose, but to do the duty they signed up to do.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ready for Some Normalcy!

My goodness.  I haven't sat down to write in over a week.  It feels like longer, though!  It has been insanely crazy around here lately.

I have had this week, and will have all of next week, off from the daycare.  I am very lucky that all my moms are teachers, so when my little Flower is out of school, so are the teachers!  I thought it would be quite relaxing.  Well, this is one of the very few times I was wrong!

Flower's surgery went great.  They did give her some loopy meds before they actually took her away for the surgery, but the poor child is just like me.  We have very high metabolisms, and medicines tend to wear off on us before they do on other people.  So she remembers them taking her away, and so do I.  I will never forget that.  I assumed it would be hard.  I was wrong again.  It was painful.  It broke my heart.  My daddy was back there with me when they took her, and as they wheeled her off she turned around, tried to get off the bed and cried "Mommy NO!!!!  Mommy!!!!  Mommy!!!!"  It broke my heart, and when I got to the waiting room with my son and my mom I lost it.  About the time I recovered, they came and told me it was over!  The doctor said he had never seen such scarring from infection on a 7 year old, so it was high time for those tonsils to come out.  She is recovering perfectly, and we had our follow up today.  Everything looks great, and she should be able to eat Christmas supper just fine!

Our laptop went to visit the great big Dell laptop cloud in the sky.  Or so I thought.  I struggled with repairing that thing all night last Wednesday.  Even had a friend here who witnessed it!  The last thing the screen told me was "This computer cannot correct itself.  Please contact Dell."  I turned it off, and put it in the back room.  My husband came home, pushed the power button, and would you believe the damn thing turned on perfectly!?  NOT ONE SINGLE PROBLEM!  And it hasn't messed up since.  So, my sweet Barb Wire Man told me that I was no longer allowed to use it, because every time I touch it it messes up!  So, I have been relegated to the desktop computer.  The one hiding in our bedroom that we forget we have.  The one my hubby used in college.  Over 6 years ago.  I swear, it takes a full 12 hours just to boot up.  But, it did give me incentive to organize our room and rearrange furniture!

Do you remember one of my very first posts about my poor toe?  If not, read it here.  At the writing of that post, that stupid bed had been in our bedroom for a good month.  I have been asking begging nagging my husband to get that thing out of our room.  Did he ever do it?  Nah.  But I did.  I am not a very big person...5'2" on a real good day, 120 lbs soaking wet with combat boots on.  But I got that queen sized bed out into the garage all by myself.  And, just as a little thank you very  much to my man, I put it right in the way of his Harley Davidson.  If he wants to go for a ride, he has to move the bed.  HAHA.  Sweet revenge.

All the Christmas packages are wrapped and ready to be torn into.  Tomorrow, we bake in preparation for the Christmas meal at my house on Saturday.  (I am so excited.  Barb Wire Man's grandmother made me some Kringla, which are Norwegian cookies.  I have never in my life tasted anything so delectably delightful in my life.)  It will be a long day, but so totally worth it!

I actually got everything sewn that I had intended!  I even got some of them mailed on time for Christmas!  I still have one thing to make, for one of my very dearest friends.  We don't buy each other presents, we always make them.  Neither of us really have the money to spend, and we think handmade from the heart is priceless.  But, I am knitting it, so it might not get finished in time.

And so, I must close to go knit before I fall over from exhaustion.  Tomorrow I plan on posting pictures of my baking adventure with a 7 year old little girl, and a 2 year old little boy who can't sit still for 2 minutes.  Have a great night!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Its Just Another Manic Monday!

My to-do list is no less than a mile long.  Now, I admit, I am a list maker, and love to make lists, so sometimes my list includes to-do items like "make tomorrow's to-do list", or "cook supper".  But some days are so crazy I need to be reminded to cook supper. 

Today has already been productive, though, thankfully!  I am happy to report that I am 90% finished with my very last set of pajamas.  Thank you, LORD! I am so incredibly sick of that pattern. I literally dreamed about cutting it out last night.

I need to wrap presents, because I can barely get to the clothes in my closet.  Then I wonder, what the heck is the point!?  I have a two year old son.  Last year, my girl knew what she was getting way before Christmas because he decided to rip the paper off weeks before it was time.  So, I am going to wrap them, then stick them BACK in my closet until Christmas Eve.  Any advice here?  How do you keep Christmas presents from being opened, when on a daily basis you have 3 boys under 2 at your house!?

I'm also busy getting my little girl ready for her surgery on Monday.  While I am so ready for her to have this surgery, because she will stop being so sick, I am really quite nervous.  I've never had to watch someone walk away with my baby while I just stand there and watch. 

Now, for a bit of business.

Any orders placed up until midnight tonight (excluding custom orders) will be shipped tomorrow.  I will continue to accept orders, but will not be making any shipments between 12/15-12/22.  I need to spend my time being mommy, and making sure Miss Flower recovers fully from her surgery.  I hope this doesn't cause any problems.  If for you some reason you just absolutely must have something shipped, please contact me!

And, finally, I apologize for not being able to read every one's blog and comment...its been a crazy few days!  I have some catching up to do...if my computer will continue to work halfway like it is supposed to.  (It has turned off 3 times since I started typing this.  And it is fully charged.)  Frustration!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and an even better week!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Will It Ever End?!

You know, it seems like sometimes, the odds are just stacked against you.  Instead of spacing themselves out, difficult situations just hit you all at one time. 

This is one of those times for my girl.

She was so very excited to go to school this morning, because they were going on a field trip!  And mommy was going with her class!!  Without brother!!!  Tomorrow was going to be a perfect day!! 

But, when I kissed her goodnight last night, I recognized a few tell-tale signs.  I fell asleep praying "Lord, please, please, please don't let her get strep again.  Not tomorrow!!  Not this close to her surgery!"

She has strep.  Again.  And right on schedule, too.  I mean, almost to the day she gets it every thirty days. 

No school.  No field trip.  No special Mommy-time.  Instead, she gets to go lay in her bed, while brother and three daycare kids play in the living room.  "Its not fair, Mommy," she said, "I just wanted to have fun with you today!  Why do I have to keep getting this!?" 

I explained exactly how she gets strep, and how the surgery will help.  "Well, call my doctor today, and tell him that we need to get those tonsils out today.  Just call my Nana.  She will come keep all these kids and brother, I know she will.  And Papa will help you while I am in surgery.  They always help me, because I;m their favorite person!"

Well, the part about Nana and Papa is true.

So today, I will call the doctor.  I so hope this doesn't effect her scheduled surgery. 

So, I ask you to pray for her.  Please pray she will recover quickly, and that we can still have the surgery so this doesn't happen again!  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I know, I have been slacking on the writing.  And I feel bad, because I love to write.  But, I have literally been sewing every free second I have.  I am determined to get these Christmas presents finished.  And that means staying up late, getting up early, and working through naptime.  The good news is I only have a few more pajama sets to make.

The bad news is I am getting really sick of making them. 

I am pretty sure I know now how the people who sit in workshops, making pennies a day, sewing t-shirts over and over again for Walmart feel.  Seriously.  I am so sick of the pattern, that when I went to cut the smaller size, I didn't even save the larger size.  Nope.  I just whacked it off.  So, if I ever need to make those jammies in a size 7-8 again I am just S.O.L. 

Honestly though.  I won't ever need that size again.  Because I am not going to make it again.  Relatively certain I am going to throw the whole pattern in the trash. 

My grandmother is rolling over in her grave right now, and will probably visit me in my sleep, lecture me on how wasteful that is, and haunt me until I pull it out of the trash can.  I already feel guilty for throwing away the 4cm x 5cm pieces of material that were on the edges of what I cut.  Seriously.  She even saved those, because they could be used for stuffing at a later date. 

God bless that woman.

I took my daughter to get the blood work for her upcoming surgery today.  She is not looking forward to it, and neither am I.  I don't like seeing my babies in pain, but constant sore throats are no fun either.  I probably won't be around much next week, as her surgery is on Wednesday.  She is quite the drama queen when it comes to pain! 

One last note, before I take my I-wok-up-at-4:30-and-am-exhausted butt to bed. 

My favorite part about Christmas is the music.  Oh Come Emmanuel,  and O Holy Night are two of my favorite classics.  But, I have this inner rock side.  I secretly listen to Mettalica, GodSmack, Steelheart, Guns and Roses, Iron Maiden and Alice in Chains when my kids aren't around.  (Shhh!  Don't tell anyone!!!  Especially my dad!)  Anyhow, my rock world and Christmas world combined tonight.  Trans Siberian Orchestras Christmas Canon Rock. 

Oh. My. Gosh.  I literally sat there with goosebumps, and by the time the song was over I had tears coming down my face.  Really glad I was alone.  This song is and always will be at the top of my favorites, no matter how you play it.  I even walked down the aisle to this song when I married my man!  And, if you watch the version that shows the band playing it, you'll see I even get my longeighties-hair-band fix!!!

So, here is my early Christmas present to you! 
Trans Siberian Orchestra: Pachabel's Canon in D - Christmas Canon Rock

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Tea Time

Ahhh....tea.  I am serious - hot tea is so therapeutic.  Today, as I was watching one of my new favorite TV shows, it got me to thinking about when I was younger.  I'll tell you about the show later, after I give you some history about me! 

Every kiddo talks about what they want to be when they grow up: a doctor, fireman, teacher...blah blah blah!  That just wasn't going to do it for 7 year old Emily.  Oh no.  From the time I can remember, I only wanted to be two things...a mommy and an archaeologist - more specifically, a Biblical archaeologist.   So there was a time when I wanted to be a buggieologist and specialize in collecting beetles, but that was fleeting.)   I would tell people I wanted to be an archaeologist, and they would look at me like I was crazy.  I know they were thinking "How in the heck does this kid even know what an archaeologist is!?" 

I was so serious about being an archaeologist, my parents got me a subscription to the magazine Biblical Archaeology when I was in the 3rd grade.  For Christmas one year I got a dig kit, where I was able to "excavate" an "ancient" jar, then actually put it back together in all its glory.

Obviously, I chose the former.  I wasn't too old when I realized that being a mommy and an archaeologist at the same time would be quite difficult. 

Had I chosen to go to college, my life would probably be very difference.  I would have sworn off marriage and family, and instead taken myself to the Middle East.  I would have spent the remainder of my life studying ancient Israel, Egypt, on up into the time of the Templars.  I have a friend who is convinced that history and science will one day disprove God.

Not me.  Oh no.  I am 100% convinced that one day history and archaeology will prove that everything in the Bible actually did happen.  However, science will never prove nor disprove God, for the simple fact that God requires faith...not proof.

OK, I will step down off that soap box now.  As my husband says "Oh please, don't get her started!!!!"

 Anyhow, my new favorite TV show (I have very few....I actually hate TV) is called The Naked Archaeologist.  Simcha Jacobovici is the narrator/archaeologist.  He is an Orthodox Jew, so immediately I decided I loved him for that one simple fact.  He makes his show funny, not just the typical history-type show.  He has likewise set out to prove how so many of the Biblical stories can be proven.  He has even set out to prove that the stories of Jesus are true, though he doesn't obviously believe Jesus is Messiah (our similarities end there!). 

The whole time I watch his show, all I can think is "Oh. My. Gosh.  This is a male version of me." 

I want to meet Simcha so bad!  Seriously...if I was male, Jewish, and an archaeologist, I would be him.

Instead, I am a tough broad from the Texas Panhandle, devoutly Christian, and a mommy.

One of these days, though, I will live out this dream of mine.  Until then, I will just keep watching my new show!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Memory Monday

What a relaxing weekend I had!  Was so nice!  I spent most of Saturday with my mom and had such a good time.  We walked around a local craft show (which I did not find out about in time to be apart of), and probably spent a lot of money on things we didn't really need.  The kids clued us in that it was time to leave and go get lunch, so we ate at a Chinese buffet here in town.  Mom helped me out with a few sewing questions I had, then we spent the rest of the weekend drinking tea and just talking.  About a whole lot of nothing.  And it was wonderful. 

This is a picture Mom snapped that sums up our weekend better than any words can!

My in-laws came to visit for a few hours on Sunday, but had to get back home.  With a 4 hour drive in front of them they didn't want to stay too late.

And today, I am filling a few orders!  I will be getting them in the mail soon, but had to whip a few things up before I could mail them.  I was excited on Friday to get three orders!  YAY! 

Can you  believe how fast time is flying by?  I can safely say there is NO WAY I will get everything made in time for Christmas.  Nope.  Not going to happen. 

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Praise God, the weekend is here.  I need it, too.  I have only seen my husband for about 5 hours since Sunday, and doubt I will get to see him anymore until this coming Sunday.  At least I hope I do!  That is one of the hard parts about his job...he doesn't know what he will be doing or where he will be going until the day he is supposed to do it. 

I am and always have been very independent, so I am perfectly capable of staying here with the kids myself and taking care of things....I don't need my husband.  But I dern sure want him here!  I can't turn my brain off at night, and haven't been sleeping well, so I am exhausted.  I think today maybe I will take a nap!

I am super excited about this evening!  After my little Flower gets home from school we are going to make a Christmas tree ornament out of pipe cleaners, beads and bells.  Then, all the Girl Scouts in town are going caroling at the nursing home here in town.  I love old people, so I can't wait!  Afterward, we are all going to have a pizza party!  She has already earned 3 patches in scouts, and tonight will get 2 more! 

Just a reminder that today is the last day of my Cyber Monday Week long sale!  If you want 30% off of everything in my store, including customs, then you better head over there now!   Just type CYBERMONDAY in the coupon code box when checking out.  It ends officially at midnight tonight, so make sure you get what you want early!  Just click here to get to my site!  If you have any questions about any of the products, please feel free to contact me.  Again, I have more than what is listed, so feel free to request different colors, or extra pictures!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I don't know about you, but I am already for the holidays to be over, and schedules back to normal!  I love the holidays, but my head is going in forty different directions! And, like I tell my husband, I am good, but not that good!

I have been sewing alot lately.  I have only gotten 2 of the 7 pajama sets finished.  But, seeing as I have 3 little boys under the age of 2 with  me every day, on top of the every day things I have, on top of being a Girl Scout Leader, on top of being a part time single mom when the Barb Wire man is on road, I think I am doign pretty decently!  My mom may be coming over to help me out this weekend, and I am so looking forward to that.  I can trace so many childhood memories to the clickity clack of my mom and grandma's sewing machines, so getting to chat with my mom while sewing with her is one of my favorite things.  That and she is a pro at sewing and cutting patterns, and Lord knows I could use the help! 

Still, I am convinced that making the pajamas, along with all the other things I am making, will save me a bundle.  Even with paying $4.00 a yard for the 12 yards of flannel!  ("But mom!  I LOVE that one!  Please mommy?  They will love it too I know!")  Ahh well.  One of these days she won't want to be caught dead in clothes that I made her, so I might as well buy the print she likes now. 

How are some of the ways you save money during the holidays?  Well, I am waiting on a call to come in from my hubby, and still have lots to accomplish before this day is over, so I better get going. 

But first, Chanuka Sameach!