Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am so excited to be featured in a BNS on Etsy!  Basically, someone picks your shop along with several others.  Purchasers can buy something from one of the stores featured, then have THEIR shop on their in return!  So, I am hoping that this will help encourage some sells!  I've been a little bummed lately, as I haven't had many sales, so I am hoping this helps move things along!  Please check it out!
Almost out of time before I go pick Flower up from school, and we have Girl Scouts later, so this is turning into a busy day!
Hope the rest of your day is wonderful!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winning Wednesday!

OK, I have decided to give away one of my dishcloth sets!  WAHOO!
OK, not the Christmas ones....unless that is just really the color you want.  The set to be given away is blue and white, and seems to be the most popular color I sell...guess we have a lot of blue themed kitchens out there!   Each set has 3 dishcloths, and let me tell you, these things last forever.  And I use them for everything.

OK, so what do you have to do to win a set of these?  Not too much, really, and you can do any of all of the following!  First, you have to be a follower of my blog, so if you aren't, follow me now!  That will score you one entry.  Second, leave me a comment!  That will score you another entry in the giveaway, and I love reading comments!  Third, tell your friends about my blog either by FB, tweet, or your blog.  Each one of those will score you one entry, too.  Lastly, if one of your friends follows my blog, and leaves me a comment stating they came here because of you, I will give you another entry.  So, technically, you can get 5 entries for sure.  Its up to your buddies after that!

The contest will be open until Friday at noon, Central Time, and I will announce the winner in Monday's blog!

Now, I still have my 15% off sale going on right now.  Anything in the Winter Wear and Shawl section of my Etsy shop is 15% off when you enter the coupon code "LASTCHANCE".  

To make it a little sweeter, enter the code "blogshipping" to get free shipping!

I also recently became aware of a new blog, in which the author will be giving away free things ALL the time! Can't beat that, and I will tell you a little more about that soon!

I hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday...the weekend is halfway here!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a Bleary Tuesday!

I figure I set up the weekly schedules of my blogs a long time ago, maybe I should stick with them!  So, its Tea-time Tuesday.  This is the perfect day for hot tea.  I mean, I drink hot tea if it is 110 degrees outside, but today is particularly nice for hot tea.

Its gray outside, just like yesterday, so hopefully that means a good nap time again!  One of my daycare moms brought 2 dozen donut holes for the 4 kids.  Did you know that 4 kids can eat 24 donut holes in less than 3 minutes!?  By the time I had poured a cup of coffee and switched the laundry out those things were gone.

I made blueberry muffins for snack, and they ate those like they were starving, too!  They say teenage boys eat more than anyone else.  That scares me, because I have never seen anyone eat as much as my son at 2.

I also managed to get 2 pounds of beef jerky on to cook, and I have enough bread dough for 7 loaves rising on the kitchen stove.  I feel like Martha Stewart today!  After I write this, and respond to one email, I am going to sit down and finally have my quiet time, then I will sit and knit for as long as the kids are asleep....unless I fall asleep too.  Its a sleeping day.

Don't forget about the sale over at 13 Plum!  15% off everything in the Winter Wear and Shawl section, just by using the coupon code LASTCHANCE when you check out!  Check back tomorrow, for sure!  I am going to have a giveaway!

Monday, March 28, 2011

If You Can't Say Anything Nice...

....then don't say anything at all.  At least that is what my Mama always told me.  That being said, I will refrain from writing about what I really want to write about today.  I'll just call my Mama when she gets off work and rant to her, and all will be better!

Moving on.

I'm still having a sale on my Etsy shop!  Won't you pleeeeeeease go take a look?  I'm getting tired of looking at those things myself, and would really like to see them go soon!  All you have to do is enter the code "LASTCHANCE" when you are checking out, and it will automatically give you a 15% discount!  The discount only applies to items in the shawl and winter wear sections.  Be sure and tell some friends about it, too!  I'm thinking about doing a blog giveaway soon, like, on Friday, so be sure to keep checking back for ways to win!

The sun has disappeared today.  The last few days have been so wonderfully Spring, but today it feels more like fall.  I do love gray, dreary days, but I enjoy opening my blinds and using the sunlight even more.  I wish th sun would come back!

I have a mountain of clean towels to fold, so I won't make this a long post.  Remember, don't miss the sale over at 13 Plum today, and be sure to stay tuned for giveaway information!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday and Family

Today is Friday, so certainly that means it is a great day!

I woke up to a clean house, with very little laundry, which makes it an even better day!

Little Man and all the daycare kids are sitting quietly on the bed next to me, watching Sesame Street.  That is itself is a miracle, because they never all sit down, at the same time and watch TV.  They are far too busy playing.

But, what makes my days truly great are spending them with family.  My husband's parents drove down from Colorado last night so they could watch Flower's school program (Which was hilarious!  I'm certain she has a future performing in some way!).  This evening, Barb Wire Man's younger will be here.  "Uncle Butt" is what the kids call him!  When Flower was very young, she could not say "Brett", so "Butt" just kind of stuck!  And, best of all, Barb Wire Man will be able to spend a few days at home!  I'm most happy about that, especially since I've only seen him for a few hours since Sunday!  His job schedule is about to change up some, because they will have him hauling something different and taking a different routes.  Just about the time we have a schedule figured it, it changes!  But, I guess that is life, no?

I would imagine I won't get much knitting done in the next few days with the family here, but I guess that is ok!  My hands need a rest anyhow.  I still have a sale going on over at 13 Plum, so be sure to check it out!  Currently, my featured items (which includes everything in the Winter Wear and Shawl section) are all 15% off, by using the coupon code "LASTCHANCE" at checkout! I'd really like to see it all go, so I can have completely new winter things up for next winter.  I'm not sure how much longer I will keep the sale going, to seize the moment!  And be sure to tell your friends to do the same!

I likely won't be writing much for the weekend, but any orders received over the weekend will ship on Monday.  I pray everyone has a marvelously blessed weekend!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It is Wednesday!!

We are halfway through the week!  I had every intention of making bread this morning.  Then I sat down to knit (because the little ones were being SO good!), and lost track of time.  Guess I will do it in the morning!

I even got a couple more things listed on my Etsy!  I hope you will take a minute to check them out!  I'm starting to put some of my larger items up for sale...the things I am most proud of.  Anyhow, please take a look, and let me knows what you think!

Today, the wind hasn't been so bad.  Thank God.  It was terrible yesterday, and it is hard to explain to a 2 year old why he can't go "toutide" to "pay"!  Hopefully the kids can go burn off some energy later this evening.

Flower is getting quite nervous about tomorrow...the entire second grade is putting on a play for the parents!  She only has one line, but both set of grandparents will be there to hear her say that one line.  She just can't wait!

I have not witty comments today, no incredible observations.  My mind is half frazzled.  I just don't feel like thinking to hard today!  I hope everyone has a great day, and please don't forget to check out the Etsy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Things I Have Learn Just From Living Today

Here are a few observations I have made since I woke up this morning.  Some simple.  Some Profound.  Some amusing.

1. After living in the Texas Panhandle for 28+ years, I still forget to bring in the rugs from outside when the weather man says its going to be windy.

2.  When the wind blows steadily at 40 mph, and gusts up to 60 mph, one of your neighbors will inherit a new rug.

3.  Don't worry about loosing your rug, because you will inherit the potted plants from the neighbor on the other side.

4.  Forget fancy toys, or cartoons.  The best way to keep three kiddos happy is to give them a box of empty wooden spools.

5.  Buttered and Sugared Rice is, quite possibly the best recipe the South has to offer.

6.  I really miss my husband while he is at work, but am thankful for all he does for our family.

7.  My two-year old cannot figure out how to go potty in the big boy potty.  But, he can completely dismantle the humidifier I had running in the hallway, AND know to hide before I find out.

8.  Without fail, if I need my glasses, I cannot find them.

I listed about 4 new things in the course of two days today!  Please take a visit to my Etsy Shop and check them out!  While you are there, be sure to stop by the "Winter Wear" section.  Everything in this section is 10% off to help clear winter things for new spring things!  Just use the coupon code "SPRINGSALE" when checking out!

Now, I have to share a few of my new favorite pictures

Monday, March 21, 2011


I typically avoid writing about any subject that has to do with politics.  Not because I don't want people to know what I think, or because I want to avoid angering people who have different views than me.  (Anyone who knows me knows I speak my mind, regardless of whether it makes people mad or not.  I avoid writeing and talking about politics because I come close to giving myself a heart attack.  I sometimes hate that I am so passionate about my beliefs!

But today, I just have to get this off my chest.  I tried drinking some hot tea and knitting, but I about exploded just thinking about it.

“Who the hell do you think you are, that you think you can talk to a man who built a country over 42 years and ask him to step down and get out? Can anybody ask you – well, there’s a lot now gonna ask you to step out of the White House because they don’t want no black face in the White House. Be careful brother how you handle this situation because it is coming to America and it’s already started. Look at Wisconsin. Look at Ohio. Look at what’s going on in your country, and remember your words, because the American people are rising against their own Government. It’s not Muslims. It’s not black people. It’s white militia that are angry with their Government and they are well-armed. Are you going to tell them “put your arms down, and let’s talk it over peacefully?” I hope so. But if not, America will be bathed in blood. . . “

This is an exact quote from Louis Farrakhan, to Obama.  Where do I start!?  

First, if someone DARED to say something like this about Farrakhan, they would be labeled a racist.  

Secondly, YES!  The American people are ANGRY!  And NO!  It is NOT just the "white militia" that is angry.  I know African-American people who are angry.  I know Hispanics who are angry.  I know German-Americans who are angry.  I would even venture to guess that if we had extra-terrestrials living in this country, they would be PISSED too!

Third, why is OK to encourage and even help the citizens of other countries rise against their leaders for change, but how dare we, as Americans, so the same?!  No one says it has to be a blood bath.  It has come to that in American history before.  People like this nimrod would really love to see it come to that, because then he could say "Told you so!!"

Fourth, did anyone, ANYONE catch that he referred to America as "YOUR country"?  Not "our country".  Not "my country", but "YOUR country".  While he lives, works, and incites anger here, he doesn't claim America as HIS country.  As bad as things seem to be getting, this is still America, and it is still a better option than most every other country in the world.

Now.  That has helped.  But, I seemed to take this one personally.  I will say this right now...I am a white, gun toting, Christian, who is incredibly furious with they way my country is heading.  But in no way would I ever condone violence as a way to solve our problems.  IN-FREAKIN-SANE.  This man is off his ever-lovin' rocker.  I'm not racist.  If he was purple, I would disagree.  If he was pink, I would disagree.  If he was a white, gun toting Christian like me, I WOULD DISAGREE.

UGH.  Just sad.  Forgive me for going off on this rant.  I will stop now, and hopefully won't feel the need to write about politics again anytime soon!