Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should!

My name is Emily, and I am addicted to knitting.  I hear there is a group for people like me, and that they even have jackets and really cool name tags.

I hope they serve cookies and coffee, too.


It is well known that I love to knit, and frankly, I will try to knit just about anything.  It isn't my fault, really.  My grandmother was the same way with crochet.  She would use anything to crochet with (including plastic grocery bags), and she could make anything.  We used to joke that one day we were going to go visit her, and she would have a brand new house...that she had crocheted herself.

I inherited that trait from her, though I do try to refrain from knitting things that are, well, a little strange.  Not that I haven't knitted strange things, I just don't share it with anyone.  Barb Wire Man jokes that we could save money if I would knit my own underwear.  I'll admit, the thought crossed my mind, but I haven't.  Yet.

The other day, my mom sent me a text.  I opened it up to find this:

Yes, friends, that is a tire cover.  And it is crocheted!  Honestly, that's some pretty great work.  And it is actually kind of pretty.  But I'm pretty sure that falls under the "Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should" category.

It actually made me wonder if I could create a knitted version...
I bet I could...
Maybe I should try?
OK.  Maybe not.  Barb Wire Man would never let me use it.

But I may try the underwear thing....

Be blessed today!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh, Summertime!

It is officially summer!  I love everything about summer...even the heat.
Excuse the terrible cell phone picture, taken while sitting at a stop sign....

I love being able to sit outside with friends until late at night (or perhaps early morning!?) and still be warm.

I love watching Flower and Little Man splash in the water, ride their bikes, and just be kids.  I love walking to the park with them.

I love walking through my garden, and seeing how big the plants got overnight.  I love picking veggies off the plants, and serving them for supper that night.

I love when Barb Wire Man grills supper outside.  It smells up the whole neighborhood, I don't have dishes to do,  and he is even more handsome when he is cooking for me than usual!

I love putting out a glass jar of water, and letting the sun make tea.

I love the way my laundry smells from hanging out to dry on the line.

I love the flowers that bloom in my backyard, then close up by noon because it gets too hot.

I love that summer turns to fall, and fall is my most favorite season of all!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Am No Dummy!

Little Man and I have been spending a lot of time at the library lately.  We don't normally do that, mainly because when all the day care kids are here it is hard to get out.  And libraries are supposed to be quiet, and all my kids are...noisy.  Anyhow, I want to instill a love for book in Little Man, and the library is nice and cold.  And it isn't running on my electricity bill.

Anyhow, I checked out a book called Blogging for Dummies, by Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley.  The good news is, I'm not a dummy!  WOOT!  I knew a lot of it already, at least the setting it up, designing it, etc.  Unfortunately, my life would have bee a lot easier if I had had this book when I first started.  I've also learned quite a bit about blogging, though, and some of it quite important. (And just to clarify, for the blogging world, this is just my own opinion of a book I happened to read.  I wasn't compensated in anyway. Hell, they didn't even ask me to but I am anyway!)

Long story short, my blogging friends, go check this book out.  You'll learn some interesting stuff.  Unless you are a know-it-all, in which case you probably aren't even reading my little blog.

I have more tomatoes from my garden!  My life is just so complete now!  It sure is funny how many people you learn are your friends once they found out you have a garden.  Suddenly, I'm everyone's buddy, and really must tell them if I have more tomatoes than I can handle.  Obviously, they have never seen just how many tomatoes I can eat in one day, but I'll keep them in mind.

Back to the grind, I suppose.  Would you be so awesome, and recommend me to your friends?  I'm so close to having 200 followers, and I would really love to see it happen before Friday!  I might even save you some tomatoes for linking me up to you facebook and such!

Have a wonderful day, and be blessed!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just a Little Info!

I don't do this incredibly often, but, today I am going to.  I'm going to spend just a little bit of time bragging about my shop, and the things I offer.  I was recently told by a friend that I need to boost myself up a little bit, and stop being so modest.  So, maybe I will.
I personally make everything I offer by hand.  To some, that may not mean a lot, but to others, it is the most important thing.  My customers can know that the things they get from me are well made with quality material, and not thrown together in a mass producing factory.  
Personally, I would rather purchase something handmade, by a micro-home business than even something mass produced and sold in a locally owned/family owned shop.  Why?  Because I know that the money they receive from me will go directly to helping a family.  I know firsthand, because when I make a sale, that is money I am able to use for my family.
Also, thank you for reading my little blog each day!  I honestly figured that most people would have very little interest in reading about the life of a craft addicted, food loving, Bible living, work at home mom.  I'm really excited that, at this very moment, I have 172 followers.  I'd love nothing more than to reach 200 followers in the next week!  I think I can do it, but, not just by myself.  If you do enjoy reading my blog each day, would you take just a minute and recommend it to some of your friends?  In the next few weeks, I will be scheduling some giveaways.  But, in order to win a giveaway, you have to follow my blog!  

If you are reading this, and you are a crafter who sells your items online, be sure to check out my sponsorship page.  I'd love to help you advertise your business, and do so through my blog, as well as through Twitter!  It is much easier and less expensive than a lot of other methods of advertising, and you won't have to do any of the work.  Rates start at just $8, and, just like the sales of my crafts, that money directly benefits my family.
If you are interested in allowing me to do a giveaway of one of your items, please, let me know!! 

Most bloggers have many professional ads on their websites also.  When you get a chance, make sure to click on those, too.  That's another way we crazy bloggers make money...and we all appreciate when you do!

Thanks for taking time to read this, and allowing me to toot my own horn a bit!  If you haven't already, you can also follow me on Facebook, and on Twitter!  Twitter is a great way to follow, because often I will pop off and have a surprise one-hour-only sale, and the coupon will only be announced there!

Thank you again, and be blessed!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend!  I got a ton accomplished, and had fun with friends and neighbors.  I got our garage cleaned out, which was no small feat.  I'd been asking Barb Wire Man to do it for awhile, but, you know what they say - "If you want something done right, do it yourself."  So I just got out there and did it.  Of course, I would choose a 100 degree day to do it, but still, it got done.

I had stored some of the kids too-small clothing out there for a day when I could take it to our local thrift store.  We only have one in town, and they only accept donations on Thursdays and Fridays.  I brought all the bags of clothes into the house, so come Thursday, I will surly take them to get them out of my way.

I think I need to have a garage sale, too.  I love to go to garage sales.  I hate to actually have one though.  It is so much work, and I have so many better things to do.  But, I may just buckle down and do it.

I also harvested some more tomatoes out of my garden!  SO EXCITED!  I cannot wait until I have more tomatoes than I know what to do with!  I planted some mint in a container this year too, and it is going crazy.  I think I am going to dry it, so I have plenty of mint for tea come winter!

Little Man and I had a blast on Friday when we went to feed the "ducklins"!  They are so used to people that the geese and ducks will walk right up to you.  They would literally pull the bread out of Little Man's hand, which he wasn't too thrilled with.  Once we ran out of bread, they started nipping at our pockets!  I got a little nervous about being surrounded by 30 ducks, and had to pick him up and run to our car!  We even had ducks and geese trying to get in our car!  I won't was somewhat traumatic!

I don't think I will be adding too many new items to 13 Plum Knitting this week.  Our town is holding a July celebration on the 7th, and I'm teaming up with a friend to have a booth.  They have a craft show, but we will be outside.  She and her husband will be making jerky and salsa, and I will be selling jelly and rolls (and hopefully some of my crafts as well).  For me, that means making a lot more apricot preserves, and a lot of rolls!  Thankfully, that is something I love to do!  If you are close by, you should come to Hereford that day! From the sound of things, there will be tons of food vendors, tons of arts and crafts vendors, and tons of activities for the family!  Let me know if you want more info, and I can surely get that to you!

Better go start that jelly.  Have a wonderful day, and be blessed!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Day Off

I have the day off today!  That sounds really awesome, but the truth is, not much is different.  The little girl I keep during the summer isn't here today, so it is just the Little Man and I!  I woke up with Barb Wire Man, made his lunch, and got him off to work.  He told me that since I had the day off, I should go back to bed...and I thought that sounded like a great idea!  No sooner did he shut the door behind him did Little Man walk in and say "Good morning mommy!  I sleeped good!"  So much for going back to bed!  We laid in mommy's bed for a few minutes and watched cartoons, but Little Man has the attention span of a gnat.  About the time I got really comfortable he informed me that I needed to go get him food and milk.  Well, alrighty then!

Now, the good thing about not going back to sleep is that I already got several new listings up on 13 Plum Knitting!  And, I am getting this post written pretty early, albeit with Little Man sitting in my lap.  He climbed up in my lap and said "I need to rest in your lap mommy.  Keep doing your works, mommy.  I will sit with you and help you!"  He makes me heart happy!  

I talked with Flower last night!  She is out visiting her dad, step-mom, and two sisters in South Carolina for the summer.  I miss her.  Boy, do I miss her.  She sounded great, and was having lots of fun.  She is on a swim team out there, and doing really great!  I'm so proud of that girl.  She is growing up so fast, and becoming a beautiful young lady.  She won't be back in Texas until July 12th, and I am so ready to see her.    She always helps me cook supper.  She is one of my running buddies. She's my conversation buddy.  It is the little things that make me miss her the most.

My children make me so happy. I was so disgusted a few nights back while watching the news.  Within the first 3 minutes of the news,  they reported on 4 different stories about children being abused.  I will never, ever be able to comprehend how a person can behave that way towards children.  I cannot look at my children and see anything but love.  It is my personal opinion that there is a special place in hell reserved for anyone who harms a child.

Anyhow, now that I am off my little soap box for the day, I must get going.  Little Man and I have big plans to go to the library, and park today!  I did mention earlier that I had already gotten some new listings up on 13 Plum Knitting!  I'd love for you to check them out!  Not only that, but I still have 7 more listings to get listed as well!  Be sure to check back....they are all petty adorable if you ask me!

Don't forget today is Mega Swag Day over on Swagbucks!  If you aren't already signed up to use Swagbucks, you really should!  I've accumulated nearly 2,000 points, which is about enough to get a free $20 Paypal gift card!  That's money!  WOOHOO!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone, and be blessed!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blue Trucks

There's nothing like being woken up 10 minutes before one's alarm goes off.  I hope you can sense my sarcasm!  Little Man walked into our bedroom this morning exactly 10 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off, and tried to crawl in bed with us.  I knew if he did, we would likely all fall back asleep, then we would be running behind on everything.  So, we just got out of bed.

Little Man helped me make Barb Wire Man's lunch, then we sat on the couch reading until Daddy went to work.  Little Man has gotten into the habit of crying every time Daddy leaves for work, because he wants to go, too!

I've been working with Little Man, on learning his numbers, letters, etc.  We finally got his colors down.  The thing is, he already knows this stuff.  The fact is, he just doesn't care!  We sit down to start counting, and he gets so distracted.  A typical session goes something like this:

"What number is this?"
"Good job!  Now, what number is this?"
"Look Mommy, trucks!  That's a Peterbilt. Its blue. Daddy drived a Peterbilt."
"Tell mommy what number that is."
"It is a truck."
"Yes, I know it is a truck, but how many trucks are there?"
"They are blue."

Barb Wire Man thinks it is funny, and reminds me that I thought he didn't know his colors, but one day he popped out of bed and knew them all.  I suppose he really is getting everything I am teaching him.  He is just filing it away under the "I don't really care right now but I might need it someday" portion of his brain.

His teachers are going to love him.  And if they put him and all the daycare kids in the same class?  Well, I feel sorry for that teacher.  She already needs a raise!

I'm adding 3 new listings to Etsy today!  You'll have to pop over and check this, and this!  These two are handmade, but the third (which isn't up just yet) is vintage! I found it at a local antique store, and thought it was really pretty.  I have no use for it, and no where to put it.  I have no idea why I bought it, except that I thought it was pretty.  I'm sure there is someone out there who might actually have a use for it.  But until then, I guess it will just sit on my mantel!

Now, I'm off to attempt to teach Little Man his numbers, again, then make more crafts!  Have a wonderful day, and be blessed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making Apricot Preserves

Sometimes the simplest things make me happy!  I walked out to the garden yesterday to find these two beauties!

I've said this whole time that everything in my garden could fail, as long as the tomatoes survived.  Let me tell you.....they tasted SO STINKIN' GOOD!

Now.  Onto some jelly making!  Yesterday I made apricot preserves, so that will be the recipe I give you.  Well, most of the recipe.  I'm giving you the original recipe.  I've toyed with it and added a few things to make it uniquely my own.  And I'm a very sharing person...unless it is my secret recipes.


The very first thing you want to do is wash your empty jars and the lids.  Next, fill a canner or pressure cooker with enough water to cover the jars by a couple of inches, and get that on the stove.  It takes awhile for these pans to heat up!  Go ahead and put the jars in, but don't put the lids in yet.

You will need enough apricots to make 4 cups of puree, so get a good pound or two.  The more ripe they are, the better the preserves will taste, and the more preserves you will be able to make, so be sure they are super ripe.  Wash, cut, and quarter the apricots.  Next, puree them, and measure out 4 cups.  

Pour them into a big stew pot.  You want it to be pretty deep, because once that stuff starts boiling it will pop out, and hit your hand.  And it burns.  Bad.  

Next, measure out 7 cups of sugar into a separate bowl.  (Really healthy, I know.)

By now, the water in the canner should be boiling.  I move mine off the stove at this point, and toss the lids in.  (You don't want this lids to actually boil.)  The canner and the water will stay hot, and it is important to keep those jars hot.  

Put the apricot puree on the stove over about, oh, medium to medium high heat.  Simmer for about 5 minutes, then add 1/4 Cup of lemon juice and all the sugar.  Stir often, and bring this mixture up to a rolling boil.  Boil hard for one minute, stirring constantly!!!  

Remove the pan from the burner, and pour in one package of liquid pectin.  Most times, the mixture will begin to gel on its own, but I add this anyway to ensure that it gels!  Stir well, then put it back on the burner.  Bring it up to a rolling boil again, and boil hard for another minute.  Exactly.  Time it.  ONE MINUTE.  Too long, and you will over cook the pectin.  To little, and it won't set!  After that minute is up, remove the pan from the burner and set aside.  At this point I pull the jars and lids out from the water and set them on a clean towel to dry.  Place the canner back on the burner to heat back up.  
With foam....

Your apricot mixture will most likely have a lot of foam on the top.  Just grab a metal spoon and skim it across the top.  The foam will come off easily.  (I save the foam in a small bowl.  And then I eat it when no one is looking.)  

Without foam.

Now it is time to start filling the jars.  Make sure you use a funnel, or it will get super messy. 

Fill the jars up to within 1/4 inch of the top.  Once they are all filled, wet a clean towel and wipe the rims.  If there is jelly on the rims of the jars, they will not seal properly, and this is about the most important thing of all.  Now, place the flat lids on each of the jars.  

Put the rings on also, and hand tighten.  Each jar needs to go back into the canner.  After you have put all the jars in the canner, check to make sure the water still covers the jars by at least an inch.  If not, add more water.  Bring this back up to a boil.  When it hits the boiling stage, set a timer for 10 minutes.  Once the time goes off, turn off the heat and start pulling out the jars.  Leave them sitting on the counter, and resist the urge to mess with them!  You will hear a popping noise throughout the day, which is ok.  It is just the jars sealing as they cool!  

Once the jars are cool, its time to label, and there you go!  You have several jars of delicious apricot preserves!

I hope this made sense.  I'm not the greatest at taking what I know in my head and putting it into a logical method.  At this point, I have made jelly so much that it is habit more than anything!  You can learn more about canning just about anything a  I love that site!  

If you have any questions, be sure to comment and I will do my best to answer them!  Then again, if you don't feel like going to all the hassle of making your own, just holler at me.  All of mine are for sell for $5 a jar, and I can certainly ship!  Be blessed!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yarn and Jelly

Yesterday was hot.  In the Texas panhandle, there are three seasons: Cold, Hot as Hell, and Windy.  We are quickly coming into the Hot as Hell season.

Yesterday was quite productive, and for that I'm thankful, but I didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted.  I did get the laundry done (and!) I did get my garden weeded, which it desperately needed.  I did get some of my new items up on my Etsy site.

I did not get the apricot preserves made, but hopefully I will get that finished before noon today.  I also have to finish detangling yarn.....

My sweet, sweet Little Man decided he was going to be helpful the other day and move Mama's knitting for her.  He knows to be very careful with my knitting, so the stitches don't come off the needles, but he is not so careful with the yarn.  I don't want to cut the yarn, because that would require me to connect it while I am knitting, which I hate to do.  So for the last few days I have been working on getting my yarn back to normal.  I'm almost there, but what an annoyance!

A few of you have asked how I make my jellies, jams a preserves.  Today as I make the preserves, I will take some pictures, and in a few days will write about how I make them.  Really, it is much simpler than it sounds.  I think what intimidates most people is the preserving and canning process.  If done incorrectly, it can spoil and make a person sick.  But, as long as the steps are followed, all will be fine!

Just a few of the cannings I've made: apricot preserves, jalapeno jelly, strawberry  jam, peach cobbler preserves, and grape jelly.

I attempted to run last night, and it didn't go too well.  I'm hoping I can avoid going to the doctor in fact.  Thursday night I step down wrong and rolled my ankle.  It didn't really hurt at all, and I even went running the next night with no problems.  I took Saturday and Sunday off from running because we had family in from out of town, and we went to see family.  My ankle felt like I had banged it against the wall and bruised it, but it was really more of an annoyance.  As long as I didn't touch it, it didn't hurt.  It didn't cause me any issues while walking, so I went ahead and ran last night.  I walked for a few minutes to warm up, then started my run.  About 5 steps into it, I felt my ankle turn inward, and felt a small pop.  Still, it didn't hurt too bad, so I kept pushing forward.  By my second lap in, I was almost in tears.  When I landed on my left foot, I felt like there was no support in my ankle.  It would wobble inward, as if it had trouble supporting me.  I limped around walking for a lap until it wasn't bothering me too much, then started my run back up.  The first time I put my ankle down on that lap, however, I nearly fell.  It was all I could do just to walk back to my car.  I came home and iced it, because I really do think it is just a sprain.  I'm pretty upset, though, because the Palo Duro Hot Dog Run is on July 14th...and I have already signed up to run it.  And I am determined to run run it.  There is another 10K and 5K here in town on July 21 that I intend to run as well.  So I think I will nurse it for a bit, then pick right back up.  Even if I have to limp through the Palo Duro Canyon, I will finish that race!

It sounds like a certain little boy needs mommy to re-build his race track, so I should go for now.  Any tips for nursing a sprained ankle while continuing to train for a run!?  I'd love to hear them!

Be blessed!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gardening Day

So, my blog has had some issues.  I have no idea what happened, but I signed on the other day, and everything was all messed up.  My designs were changed, and everything was off kilter.  I'll admit, I struggled to not cry.  And I was really, really angry.  BUT....after much frustration and a few dirty words, I have almost whipped blogger back into submission.  I'm not quite finished with it yet, but hopefully by the end of today, maybe tomorrow, everything will be looking just perfect again!

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday morning when I went out to check on my garden!  Between the dog digging my garden up, the flooding every time it rained, and the crazy amounts of hail that crushed it I had resigned myself to the fact that all my worked would be for naught.  I was wrong!  My tomatoes plants are full of green tomatoes, with a slight pinkish hue.  Woohoo!

A bunch of cherry tomatoes

Honestly, the only thing I want right now is a juicy homegrown tomato!  My cucumbers and green beans are flowering, so I know it won't be too long before I have a harvest.

I didn't know potato blooms were so pretty!

Cucumber bloom

The potatoes are almost taking the entire garden over.  When I planted them, I had no idea how huge they would get.  In fact, I may have to pull them up just to make room for the other plants!  One of my corn plants has a tassel on it, too!  

It might not be the tallest corn ever, but it has a tassel!

When I first got the idea for this garden, it was full of rocks.  I nearly broke my back trying to get all those rocks out, but I did.  As I pulled all those tiny rocks out, I thought about the parable of seed being sown on rocky soil.  I prayed that God would make this garden produce fruit...just as He could take a rocky heart in which the Seed had been planted, and make it produce fruit also.  I was about to give up on my garden, but was reminded that God doesn't give up on our rocky hearts, either.  

Lavender flowers are so beautiful, and the entire plant smells SO yummy!

I have quite a bit to do today.  I already have the laundry washed and hanging out on the line.  I did that first thing this morning, once I heard it was supposed to be 100 degree today. I weeded the garden.  My mom and daddy brought me some fresh apricots yesterday, so I have another batch of apricot preserves to make!  (If you want some, let me know!  I do need to raise the price from $3 to $5 a jar, however, because, well, it just costs more than that to make!)  I' did get a few more things added to my Etsy site!    Here is a sample of what you'll see if you visit 13 Plum Creations:

In the following days, I will be updating sponsorships here on the blog.  So, if you have a small craft business, and you are interested in getting the word out, let me know!  Up above, there is a page you can click on that takes you to the rates and info about a sponsorship on my blog.  I'd love to have you!

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Texas is dry.  At least the panhandle of Texas anyhow.  The last few years we have had precious little rain, but this year...WOW!  We have had so much rain lately.  God has really blessed us with several 1-2 inch rains!

Last night, Barb Wire Man and I had just laid down for bed when massive gusts of wind started blowing.  I mean, wind that was making our windows and walls creak.  74 miles per hour winds.  We knew a storm was blowing in, and it arrived right at bedtime.  We laid there, commenting on how crazy the wind sounded, then the rain started pounding down.  I made the comment "I love the sound of rain hitting the roof."  No sooner did I say that then the gentle sound of rain turned into the tinkling of hail.  Then, it got heavier and heavier, until we finally both got out of bed to see what it looked like outside.  Barb Wire Man said "Well, I hope you didn't really want your garden."  (I have had more problems with that garden this year...if it survives, I will be amazed.)  Finally the hail stopped.  I've yet to go out and check on my plants, but from the window they look OK.  Officially, we got nearly an inch and a half of rain, but we always seem to get more around our place.  Maybe this year 4th of July celebrations won't be cancelled due to drought!
This is the side lead side of a storm that was moving toward us, but was too far south the actually hit us.

The is the backside of a massive storm that was south of us.  The storms were moving south east, so  we didn't get any rain from this.  But this is a classic, beautiful Panhandle storm cloud.

Now, though, our prayers are for rain for Colorado and New Mexico.  We aren't really close to the fires in New Mexico, but we can still see the smoke.  The wind blows it our direction.  We've had a few days where the sun shone a funky brownish-yellow color.  The atmosphere is very strange on those days.  Unfortunately, I know what it is like when the fire is close by, though.  I have friends and mutual friends that are close to the fires, and my prayers are with them daily!

I really should get back to making some of my new baby items that I will have up for sale soon.  They aren't hard, but do take a little bit of time a patience for sure!  Here is a sneak peak:
Elastic baby headband, and elastic baby sandals!

At the moment, I am working on some really cute red/white/blue headbands and sandals for the Fourth of July!  Stay tuned for more pictures!!  Until then,  be blessed, and have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ok, so I have disappeared for awhile.  The fact is, I had to step back and realize that sometimes, I just can't do it all.  I know, some of you are really shocked, but, it is true.  So, let me catch you up a bit!

My life was/is/will forever be, dominated by my kids.  And not just my biological kids, either.  All my kids, which includes my day care littles, too.  The last few months have been spent playing pirates, hopping around like froggies, coloring, learning letters, and changing diapers.  I love it though, and wouldn't change it for the world!  At the moment, I feel a little lost, though.  Flower has gone to spend the summer with her dad and step-mom out in South Carolina, and all but one of my day littles are gone for the summer (since their moms are teachers).  So it is just me, Little Man, and one baby.  It. Is. So. Quiet.

I've been making jellies like a mad woman.  I've always loved to do was something special my grandma and I always did together.  In a way, I feel like she is with me when I am making them.  I had put a facebook message out that I had jellies to sell, and took orders.  I had no idea it would be such a hit!  I think I made about 10 batches of strawberry jelly, 3 batches of jalapeno jelly, 3 batches of apricot preserves, 2 batches of grape jelly, a batch of blueberry peach jelly, and 2 batches of peach preserves!  And, I need to make more before the Summer Bash here in town, which is coming up on July 7th.  It was somewhat amusing, however, to see the faces of the people who bought the jellies from me.  I'm pretty sure they were expecting a much older person than me!

I've been knitting like crazy, too.  I've had a couple of baby blankets to complete, and I have made more dishcloths than I can count.  Super easy, thoughtless knitting, but of course, they sell the best!

I've also been working on some super cute baby headbands and sandals.  I should get some pictures taken tomorrow, so I will post those, too!

Within the next few days, I will be working on updating my blog, and putting a lot of work into it.  I always forget how much I love to write until I sit down to do it again.  I will be back...I promise!