Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to School...AGAIN!?

It won't be much longer before my quiet, peaceful summer days with just my two babies will be over.

In two short weeks, my house will go from a calm, (basically) schedule-less house to what can only be described as pandemonium.  The next step down from an insane asylum.  Chaos.  Organized chaos, but chaos none the less.

We walked into the local Ginormous Chain Store That I Despise But Am Forced To Shop There Because There Is Nothing Else In This Town to buy groceries, and saw all the school supplies set up.  Oh, how excited Flower got!  She ran over, to see if the school supply list for her school had been released yet, but it had not.  I was so relieved!  She was so bummed.

I guess I'm pretty selfish, but honestly, I hate having to send her back to school.  Not because I don't want her to learn, and not because I don't think the teacher do a great job teaching and caring for her.  They do!  I just enjoy spending time with her.  She's my buddy!  We do everything together during the day, and she is my buddy.

Before I know it, we will be shopping for school clothes, a backpack, supplies...the whole nine yards.  And good grief does it get expensive.  Thankfully, Flower isn't one of those kids who has to have the "best of everything".  She doesn't really care what the other kids are wearing.  She has her own style, and marches to the beat of her own drum.  Actually, she is like me.  She doesn't just march to the beat of her own drum.  She created the drum out of a box she found and has created an entirely new tempo no one else has ever even heard of.

But that is just one of the many things I love about her!

So, how are some ways that you guys alleviate the pain in your wallet that comes from back to school shopping?  Coupons?  Sales?  What do you do!?

Be blessed!