Friday, April 27, 2012

Couch to 5K - Day Two!

So, yesterday I started the Couch to 5K program.  Day one went far better than I had expected!  I wasn't too sore, so last night Flower and I decided to take a 20 minute walk.  We took Tank, our Rottweiler, with us, but left Little Man at home with Daddy.  I knew we would be walking a pace too fast for his little legs to keep up with.  We alternated walking and running, and giggled and talked the whole time!  We had to stop running as much, though, because Tank isn't as chipper as he used to be.  He has bad hips, and was starting to lag behind, so we just finished up walking at a pace where he would be comfortable.  We stopped at the house a picked up Little Man, and let him walk around the block with us as we cooled down.

According to the Couch to 5K program, today would be a relax day, with no running.  However, since I am planning on running a 15K, not a 5K, I decided I would run every day.  So, at nap time after all the littles had fallen asleep, I went out into the backyard again and took off.

Today was a little bit harder.  I'm a little sore from yesterday (though not nearly as sore as I thought I would be), and the wind is blowing about 30-40 miles per hour today (with gusts upwards of 50-60 mph!).  On one side of the yard, it was a breeze (no pun intended!), but going against the wind wasn't quite as easy.  It literally took my breath away when the wind gusted up high.  But, I ran the entire length I was supposed to, and finished my twenty minutes!  Yesterday, I almost didn't want to walk back into my house, but today, I wasn't so tired after finishing.

I'm starting to think I might actually be able to pull this off!  I know it isn't going to be easy, and it will likely take every little bit I have in me, but I think I can do it.

Running Observations Day Two:
Running in the wind throws a whole new kink in things.
I really must get more/better music.
Mattie STILL needs to go scoop dog poop.  Not cool.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I do believe I may have lost my mind.  I've already been told that my daycare runnin', healthy eating, knitting, gardening, writing, self is crazy many times.  Its true.  But now, I have decided to start running.

Now, in years past, I've said exercise is against my religion.  I just never understood why anyone would want to hurt themselves.  I've been blessed with a great body, I eat healthy, and chasing all these kids everyday is a workout in itself.

But, here lately, I've been wondering if I can do it.  Can I push myself?  Can I make my good body a jaw dropping body?  Can I brag about being able to do something I never thought I would?   I have some friends who went from not doing any type of exercise at all to running races, and if they can do it, so can I.

Barb Wire Man will probably think I have completely gone off the deep end, but, he already knows that is how I roll.  So, here is it:

I want to run a race.  I don't even care if I come in last place, I just want to come in.  And this isn't going to be a race run on a track...oh no.  It's called the Palo Duro Hot Dog 15K.  It is run in the Palo Duro Canyon, where it isn't flat.  It is run in July in the Texas Panhandle, where even hell might be argued to have cooler weather.  But I'm going to do it.  I may have to crawl over the finish line, but I will at least get over the finish line.  There will be people there who already have their bets set against me...that makes it even better.

Flower's step-mom started this race 5 years ago, and to be completely honest, I remember thinking what a crazy idea it was to put yourself through something like that.  Now, she is the one telling me that I can do this.  In fact, of all the people I know, the only person who hasn't looked at me strangely, or made a comment about me being crazy is she.  She has been giving me pointers on starting to run, and encouraging me.

Today I completed Day one of the Couch to 5K program.  Our mornings here are crazy with people coming and going.  Our evenings are pack with the same things, and before I know it, it is dark outside.  I don't like going running or walking alone here, because frankly I don't feel safe, so I've been using that as an excuse not to get out.  Today, when all the littles were down for nap, I just started running in the back yard.  I guess it is better than nothing!  With day one, I walked briskly for 5 minutes, than alternated jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds, for a total of 20 minutes.  I was actually surprised when my timer went off, because it didn't feel like I had been out there that long.  I was running in the heat of the day, but, I might as well prepare myself for it, right?

I really did feel great after that run.  I felt even better after I took a shower.  I still feel great an hour after, but I do feel a bit of soreness coming on.  I'll be back at it tomorrow, and plan on reporting back!  Cheer me on!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Great Food Debate

Many of you know that several months back I drastically changed my family's diet.  The more I began reading about the foods we eat, the more disgusted I became.  My family now eats almost entirely unprocessed, truly natural, real food.  Thankfully, my children are still young, and quickly adapted to the change in our diet.  Barb Wire Man is still a reluctant participant.  I still do have to buy crap food for him, actually.  I can't force him to eat as healthy as I would like, but I do make snide remarks every time I serve him something "fake".

It is funny, yet sad to me that so many people think what I am doing is crazy. Some of the comments that make my stomach turn include:

"But processed tastes so much better." (yes, because the natural flavors have addicted us to a perfect flavor)

"I may use some boxed foods, but I make them at home.  We never add extra salt." (Good for you!  But do you have any idea how much salt is already in there?  What about the chemicals they include to help preserve it?)

"Well, we just can't afford to eat healthy."  (No?  I guess it is better to pay for doctor's visits, vitamins to replace what you aren't getting, and future health issues for you and  your children?)

"I don't have time to cook healthy food." (I'm sorry.  I forgot you think I have all the time in the world, since I stay at home everyday with 4 toddlers and a 6 month old at my house,)

"I noticed your had apple/raisin/peanut butter sandwiches, pecans, sliced carrots and yogurt for lunch today, and a banana for snack.  I wanted to make sure you knew there was assistance if you needed help paying for food."  (No witty comment needed.  But my jaw did hit the floor.)

"I've eaten that food all my life, and I am just fine!"  (Really?!  Then why are you constantly complaining about your weight?  Your painful joints?  How your head always hurts?  How many meds you are on for your high cholesterol, and god knows what else?)

Here is one of my favorite blogs on just this subject.  I think, after reading it, you'll see exactly what I'm saying.
100 Days of Real Food

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Religious Observation

After much thought about what and how to write this, I have decided to just sit down and start writing.  This has been weighing on my mind for quite some time, and really hit home a few days ago.

I've written before about how frustrating it is at times to see people fighting for equality, yet in their battle for equality they become the oppressor.  This specifically comes to mind regarding religion.

Please note, I am not picking on any one belief whatsoever.  I'd be doing exactly what I'm annoyed with!  Rather, I'm just using examples I have seen lately in my own personal life.  Please don't think I am singling out any one religion or belief system!

Recently, I have read numerous facebook posts, news articles, and more regarding Christianity - mostly posted by atheists.  I only point out that they are atheists for one reason: that they do not believe there is a god.  If that is truly the case, then why are they offended so by only Christianity?  Why are we not reading posts by them to also rid the world of all other religions with a god?  I was told by one atheist friend that it was because all religions needed to be accepted.


If all religions are to be accepted, then why not also Christianity?!

Many of those news articles were also full of half-truths regarding Christianity.  Either they did not do very good research, or they didn't care.  It really did hurt me that not only were they bad-mouthing people who believe as I do, but they were also using information that we as Christians do not even believe!

Now, for the other side of the story.  Far too many times have I seen Christians acting absolutely no different. I like to sit back often, and watch how so many Christians behave, and, frankly, it is no wonder we are hated so.  We can be judgmental.  We can be condescending.  We can get the picture.

One of my dearest friends, who I have known for a couple of years, recently opened up to me that she was not a Christian, rather, she was a Buddhist.  I had already gathered this, just from knowing her, but my first reaction when she told me was sadness.  NOT sadness because I was bummed that she wasn't a Christian, but sadness because she felt that she couldn't tell me because I was a Christian.  Had I done something to make her wonder if she could tell me?  No, not I, but others.  I knew she trusted me to open up like that, but it truly broke my heart that too many Christians would have flown off the handle, and tried to make her change.

Since I have known her, I've always told her I would pray for her if she had a prickly situation in her life.  Her response has always been "Thank you!".  She very easily could have said "Yeah, no thanks.  I don't like that, and I am not a Christian so stop shoving it down my throat!!!!"  But she never did.  Instead, she understands that is just one way I, as a Christian, show people I love and care for them.  I could have walked away from our friendship, because she doesn't believe in Jesus the same way I do.  I could have told her why I thought she was wrong.  Instead, I realize that she is still one of the closest friends I have, and regardless, I love her.  Simply, I accept her for who she is.  I feel certain she knows I will pray for her, just like I have always done, but I think she also knows I'm not going to attempt to change her!

Where is the mutual respect?  I know it can happen, because I saw it happen in my own personal life.  (Maybe she and I are just that awesome...hehe!)

What if atheists realized that when Christians say they will pray for them, it is just a kind act rather than an attempt to change them?

What if Christians spent more time silently praying for those around them, in love, rather than acting like vigilantes, and running out on people who disagree with them?

What if an atheist ignored the words "God bless", instead of wanting it removed from everything?

What if Christians stopped treating non-Christians like the plague, and truly showed the love that Jesus taught us too?

Just my two cents worth.