Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Man Plans, God Laughs!

This seems to be the story of my life this week!  I apologize for being gone!  I haven't read anyone's blogs since Friday.  I had planned my entire week out, as far as reading/writing blogs and that didn't happen either.  I'll tell you why....

Saturday, I spent the day in Amarillo with my mom.  Barb Wire Man got his truck back (thanks to our good friend who worked on it!), and mom and I needed to shop for yarn.  Yes, needed!!  Saturday night, we just lounged around the house, hanging out with the family.

On Sunday morning, I woke up with a stomach ache.  Nothing too bad, so I started getting ready for church.  I've missed for about 3 weeks now, and was really wanting to go.  But, the longer I was awake, the worse my stomach hurt.  It didn't matter what I did, or which way I laid, it hurt.  I couldn't take a deep breath.  Barb Wire Man told me to go take a nap, and he took over the kiddos for me.  I felt a little better after I rested, but it was short lived.  By 4:00 pm, I was laying on the couch, in tears, calling my mom!  (See?  You are never too old to still need your Mama!)  Because Flower had school the next day, and we didn't really have anyone to keep Little Man, Barb Wire Man stayed home with the kids while my mom took me to the emergency room.  Once they saw how much pain I was in, the got me into a room really fast.  As far as ER visits go, this was not that bad of an experience!  My doctor was great, and the nurse was really kind...especially when she would give me the morphine!  Holy moly was that stuff awesome!  They ran test after test, and couldn't find a dern thing wrong with me.  The doctor was baffled.  Eventually though, the pain subsided, and they let me go home.

You know how awesome that morphine was?  Well, it is terrible when it is wearing off.  Dear Lord, I thought I was going to die.  I could never be addicted to drugs!

I spent the night at my parent's house, and finally made it home on Monday.  I slept pretty much the whole day, because I was still being affected by the pain meds.  I kept the daycare kids on Tuesday, but honestly, I was only half alive.  I only made it through knowing that I could lay down and take a nap when they did.

Today, though, I feel like myself.  I still have a little pain in my stomach, though, and I can't take the meds for it while the kids are here.  It makes me loopy...seriously loopy.  Barb Wire Man always gets a good laugh out of me when I take it, because, in his words, I'm a space cadet.  I laugh at everything, stare into the distance, then have no memory of it the next day!  I'm pretty sure my mom's wouldn't like it if I went through the day flying higher than a kite with their kids, so I can deal with the pain for a little while!

Tomorrow, I am going to see a GI doctor, to see if he can figure out what in the world is going on with me.  The ER doctor rules out anything having to do with my gallbladder, bladder, ulcers, kidneys, or least that he could see.  I'm not really sure what the specialist is going to want to do, but I'm praying that it doesn't put me out of commission for too long.

Barb Wire Man did do a couple loads of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, got Flower off to school, and took Little Man to work with him on Monday (someone give that man a beer, I'm so proud of him!), but my house still looks like a tornado went through it.  I'm still trying to catch up on all the things I am behind on, and it might take me awhile.  Especially since I'm still resting a lot to try to ease some of the pain.  So bear with me! It might be hit-or-miss around this blog for a week or so, until my body gets back in the swing of things!

But, now, I'm off to nap.  I've got things to do, but Barb Wire Man wants me to rest and "take care of myself".  He sure is a good man.  I snagged a keeper with this one!  Everyone have a great day, and I'll be back on as soon as I can!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday?! Its Friday!?

Dear Lord in Heaven, thank you!  I don't know why, but this week has just left me sitting here feeling a little lost.  The transmission on Barb Wire Man's truck went kapoot.  He took it to his friend's shop out of town, and the kids and I went to pick him up at another friend's shop.

It was really great getting to visit with them, because the kids and I hadn't gotten to see them in a long time.  Barb Wire Man sees them more than me, because they ride Harley's together.  BUT SINCE MY HUSBAND DOESN'T EVER TAKE ME ANYMORE.......I don't get to see them as much.  (I hope he reads this!)  The kids love them, and they are the greatest guys.  The only problem is that we end up staying way later than we should!  This girl was up past her bedtime, and I think I'm still paying for it!

And, I know I said I was closing my Etsy shop.  Well, I got a couple of calls from some friends, and some emails from some online friends, and some notes from online friends.  They all convinced me not to just shut it down.  Maybe I did jump the gun a bit, but still, it can get pretty discouraging.  So, I'm going to work with a friend soon, and hopefully some changes made.  I think I will branch out to some other sites as well, and add some new things.  The 50% off sale will only continue through Sunday!  So, if you are waiting to get something, you'll want to get it now!

And friends, don't forget what today is!!!
Do something kind for someone today!  If you need more information, check out my friend Ashley's beautiful blog, La Luce!

I think I'll be baking a lot this weekend.  One of the guys we saw the other day loaded me up with some cucumbers, zuchinni and banana peppers!  I think I am going to pickle the banana peppers and can them, and make some zuchinni bread.  Maybe I'll make some spaghetti sauce and can that while I'm at it.  But the cucumbers...we have just been eating those cut up all by themselves.  Man they are good.  But I'm saving some to make cucumbers and onions in vinegar.  My granny used to make that all the time and it is one of my favorite things about summer!

I actually do have some great posts in mind for next week.  They have just been feeling a little absent minded lately!  Stick with me!  I'l have my head sewn back onto my shoulders soon, and back in form!  I pray everyone has a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

ABC's of Me

I've seen this on a couple of different blogs, and thought, "why not?!"  And because I haven't an original thought in my head today, I figured it would be as good a day as any to use it!

A - Always on time.  And by always, I mean, al-freakin-ways.  I'm usually 15 minutes early, so if I show up to something at the exact time it starts, then I'm running behind!
B - Bobo.  Yep, that's what Barb Wire Man calls me, along with any variation you can think of, and some you never would.  Bobes, Bobalina...the list goes on!
C - Christian.  I am a hands-raisin', Bible quotin' Christian.  It is the foundation of everything I do and say.  I love the Lord!
D - Daycare.  I have a daycare at my house, with some of the coolest kids!  I love playing with them each day, and I feel like they are apart of my family.  When they aren't here, my house is too quiet, and I feel like something is missing.
E - Emily.  That's my real name.  I used to hate it, but now I love it, because there aren't too many people my age with that name.
F - Family.  Next to God, there is nothing more important to me.  I can tolerate a lot of things done to me, but  not to my family.  Barb Wire Man, Flower and Little Man are my life.
G - Girl Scout Leader.  I lead Flower's Brownie troop, and even though it takes up a lot of time, I enjoy it.  Need cookies?  I'll let you know when we sell!
H - Harley Davidson.  I love to ride our Fatboy with my husband whenever I can, which here lately hasn't been at all.  One of these days, I'll have my own, and contrary to what he thinks, it won't be Barb Wire Man's hand me down.  I'm getting my own!
I - Independent.  I've always been very independent.  Thank you very much, but I can do it on my own (although recently, I've decided some things I do need help with).
J - June Cleaver.  That's what my mom calls me to "mock" my homemaking style.  I'm actually quite proud of the title, though!
K - Knitting.  As if that one wasn't obvious.  I love to knit, and am so thankful I learned from my mom.  It keeps my hands busy, and I love to see a long string turn into something useful.
L - Loud.  No one has ever accused me of talking or laughing to quietly.
M - Mimi.  That's what my Pawpaw used to call me, and what my mom still calls me.
N - November 26th, my anniversary to Barb Wire Man.  It will be 6 years!
O - October, the last time I will celebrate have a birthday.  I'll turn 29.
P - Plain.  I'm a pretty plain kind of person.  The simpler something is, the better it is.
Q - Q?  Heck, this is harder than I thought.  "Queen Mother".  I'm the queen mum around here, and my word goes.
R - Ruger, my preferred brand of gun.  Yes, I own a couple.  No, they aren't my husbands. Yes, I keep them loaded.  Yes, if someone comes in my house to hurt my family I will shoot them.  No, I won't miss.  I never miss.  So if you hear the click of my revolver, you picked the wrong house to rob!
S - Singing.  I love to sing.  People laugh at how many songs I know all the words to, and if the song doesn't have words, I still hum along to the music.  I like every type of music known to man, except for a few.  Those include bubble gum pop, boy bands and rap.
T - Texas.  I'm a 9th generation and damn proud of it!  I have family that fought and knew Sam Houston personally.
U - Underwear.  The only thing I don't hang outside to dry!
V - Vintage.  Bring back the 40's!!!  PLEASE!!!!  The 30's or 50's would work, too.
W - Wildflowers in Texas in the Spring.  There's nothing prettier.
X - Xanthippe.  A word I've always wanted to use, but never had the opportunity to.  Til now, and no, it doesn't describe me at all!
Y - Yard work.  I never do yardwork.  I make Barb Wire Man do it, because I don't like it at all, which is odd, since I love being outside!
Z - "Zolst es shtipin in toches!" A funny yiddish saying I whisper under my breath when I don't like something. FYI, it isn't very nice.  Which is why I don't say it in English.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why,You Ask?

So, yesterday, at the end of my blog, I included just a short little side note about my Etsy shop.

Yes.  I have decided to close it...for now anyhow.

I started selling on Etsy in May of 2010.  In those 15 months, I have only had 14 sales!  Basically, I'm just not making enough there to justify listing and re-listing everything.  Also, I spend a lot of time advertising, editing my listings, etc.  Between the blog, Etsy, my daycare, and my own family, I don't have a ton of time to spare...especially when it doesn't pay off to spend that time advertising and editing!

I am going to continue to post things on 13 Plum Knitting's Facebook page, and I will continue to take custom orders from anyone who contacts me.

I've been considering and praying about this for some time now, and finally decided that it probably was the best thing to do right now.  I may look into other venues for selling in the future, but I will cross that bridge when the time comes.  For now, I am going to look into ways that I can improve my Etsy shop, etc.  Its just going to take some extra time!

But now, I am trying to sell everything that is currently listed on my Etsy shop.  I don't have everything on the Facebook page yet, and I would much rather sell it than re-list it on another website!  Everything that is currently listed on my Etsy shop is 50% off.  HALF-OFF!!!!   All you have to do is enter the coupon code MUSTGO when checking out.

Feel free to tell your friends!  And be sure to "like" 13 Plum Knitting on Facebook, so you can see the new things I will be adding in the future!

Monday, August 22, 2011

She Rocked It!

Flower rocked her first day of third grade!  I knew she would, of course!

However, I have realized that the days when I got to pick out a cute back to school dress with cute shoes are gone.  No more curling her hair to make her look like a little princess.  Nope.

A purple Harley Davidson t-shirt, jean shorts, and Chucks, with her hair in a pony tail.

"Are you suuuuure you want to wear that?  Don't you want to wear that pretty new pink skirt?"
"Nope.  I like this.  I can't wear my Chucks with a skirt."
"Well, can I at least curl your hair?"
"Neh.  I want it in a ponytail."
"OK, well I will braid it for you."
"No, a ponytail."
"How about a braided half-ponytail?"
"Are these rhetorical questions, mom?"
"No, I'm being serious."
"Then no.  I want a ponytail."

I learned three things from that one conversation.  One, she is comfortable enough in her own skin to wear what she likes, regardless.  Two, my little girl is growing up and creating her own little fashion sense.  Three, I'm so proud that my 8 year old knows the word "rhetorical", and how to use it correctly in a sentence.

Her day went great!  She loves her teacher, and has several friends in her class.  Her teacher thinks its amazing she already knows how to multiply, and write in cursive.  They get to leave the school from the side door...the "big kid"door.

And all her friends said they wanted her shoes.

***side note:  I have decided to close my Etsy shop.  Basically, paying to list and re-list things that aren't selling is no longer worth it.  I need to get rid of everything that is currently listed, so EVERYTHING is 50% off with coupon code STORECLOSE.  I will continue to take orders, though, on my Facebook page.  Thanks!***

Because, you know, shoes really are the most important thing after all!


The Adventures of My Family of 8 Tuesday Blog Hop

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well, this was our last "free" weekend before school starts!  

The plans were to go to my parent's house to celebrate my Aunt's and Granny's birthday.  My dad was going to cook out, and just have some wonderful family time.  Unfortunately, my mom's grandfather passed away.  

I feel a little sad.  Not because of his passing, but because I didn't know him well enough to be upset.  He was 94 years old, so I think it is safe to say he lived a nice, long life.  I don't know too terribly much about him.  I do know the man was a staunch a family full of staunch conservatives.  I do also know that he was a man who loved the Lord, and is now in heaven with his first wife who passed a long time ago, his second wife, and two daughters.

The saddest part, though, is that I realized I now only have one living grandparent; my dad's mom, Granny.  My parents are now the older generation (sorry, mom!), and I'm next in line.  I guess those gray hairs I found the other day weren't tell-tale enough!

Flower and I went and got ourselves pedicures on Saturday!  Here I am, 28 years old, and this is only the second pedicure I have ever gotten!  Let me just say, its something that may need to start happening more often!  Flower decided we needed to paint our toes the same way.  I agreed.  Then she picked out this totally awesome neon green.  I reluctantly agreed.  Then she decided we also needed zebra stripes.  I swear, my toes look like rigor mortis has set in!  But, she had an awesome time, and that is all that matters to me..  The ladies at the nail place thought she was the cutest thing they had ever seen (its true, too).

Sunday, I'll admit, I skipped church. Second Sunday in a row I didn't go.  Of the four people in this family, three of us are having our rear ends handed to us by our allergies.  The kids and I could barely breath this morning.

We did get the whole house cleaned, and I mean, from top to bottom clean.

Then Barb Wire Man had the biggest surprise of all for Flower.

You see, we got the Harley when she was just 3.  She begged to ride it, but Barb Wire Man said he wouldn't take her until she was old enough to reach the foot pegs on my seat.  Since then, she has told everyone she meets "My Daddy is going to take me for a ride on his Harley, but I have to wait until my feet touch the pegs."  Every rider she has told has agree, saying that is definitely the safest thing.  Last fall, we discovered her feet finally hit the pegs.  

Barb Wire Man was going to take her for a ride, but sadly, my helmet was just too big for her.  "That's OK Daddy, I trust you.  You are safe."  Barb Wire Man reminded her that while he is safe, many other's aren't, and there was no way he was going to risk her safety just for a fun ride.  So, being the amazing man that he is, Santa brought her a brand new, Harley Davidson Helmet for Christmas!  

It has been so hot here, that even Barb Wire Man hasn't wanted to ride.  But Sunday was a cooler, slightly cloudy kind of day.  He told her if she would hurry and get her room picked up, he would take her!  That room got cleaned faster than I've ever seen, and off they went.  She loved it!

Poor Little Man was forced to stay at home with Mama, sitting on his "hawlee bike", waiting for his two best friends to come home.

Flower reported that it was more fun than she thought it would be, and that she couldn't wait to ride again!

Over all, it was a great weekend!  I think we are ready to face the week.  Flower begins her first day of school today (pictures tomorrow!), and she couldn't be more excited.  I'm sure going to miss her during the day!  

I can't end this without saying, go check out 13 Plum Knitting!  Everything is 30% off with coupon code MUSTGO11! I've had some people tell me they were interested in some gift bags for Christmas, so if you are, please let me know!  That way, I can make sure to have them all ready in time!  I pray everyone has an amazing, blessed week!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I follow a gazillion blogs, and most I read when the title sparks my interest.  Then there are those I read every single day.   Most of the ones I read daily are because you can really tell what the heart of the person writing it is like.  Most share my religious beliefs.  One of those blogs is La Luce, by Ashley.

First, her blog is really gorgeous.  But, I could tell in the very first post I read that she loved the Lord, and wasn't afraid to let other's know exactly how she felt, either.

"And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you." Ephesians 4:13

We learned that verse as kids, at least I did.  Its one of the first I remember learning.  But how many of us actually live by that?

Last Friday, Her post was "GiveLove Fridays".  As I started reading it, I though, "Wow.  This is such a simple task, yet so few people do this."  I started clicking on the links, and finally it dawned on me that this must be her idea!  Because I apparently know no strangers, and don't have a shy bone in my body, I sent her an email, because I really wanted to know more about it.  Sure enough, GiveLove Fridays is the result of a calling Ashley and her husband felt.

Following is an excerpt from her blog.:

"The basic focus of GiveLove is to go and do something nice and meaningful for can be anyone or anything, big or small.
Just something that would make someone smile or feel encouraged"

"We can literally change the world we live in."

I wanted to know more about this movement they started; I want to be apart of it, and I want to help spread the word, we are!  I asked her a few questions, and today, I wanted to share them all with you!  

What is GiveLove?
GiveLove365 is on a mission to fuel the concept of giving to a whole new level and make it a lifestyle. Remember that movie "Pay it Forward?" It's kinda like that...but on a high amounts of steroids that never goes away. How exciting is that? We can literally change the world we live in.
How does it work?
The entire overall concept is simply based on direct connection with people and taking on smaller parts of bigger issues. The core is Give, Connect & Carryout. It’s free and spirit led, while still providing resources necessary to help anyone, help others.
The Give part is what everyone can get involved in. It’s simply doing something thoughtful for someone. It can be your time, your efforts, a gift, help pay for something for someone, or anything else that would encourage.  The Connect part is if you’re able to get to know them and see if the Spirit is leading you in any way to be a blessing to that person even more. The Carryout part is practical programs, resources, and suggestions that can truly make a difference in someone’s life. Something that would fulfill a need that if you were them, you would be praying for.
We know that not every situation goes to the Carryout level, but if it did, we wanted to inform people as much as possible, so they don’t feel discouraged by not knowing what to do, or how to help
How did you know God was calling you to do this?
We knew because the seed came directly from God speaking to my husband. After Kevin was blessed with a new job, the Lord asked him what he would do with the extra income. The first thing that came to Kevin’s spirit was to take someone that was without a home and hungry, out to eat.  The vision He continued to pour into our spirits that same week could only come from heaven, so we knew.
What is your vision for GiveLove?  Where do you hope to be with this in the next year/5years?
The vision is for GiveLove is to fulfill the initial vision God placed in our spirits. The bigger vision has many branches and areas of need, that I’m sure will be ever evolving. Each branch would have its own Carryout section.  At this time GiveLove & Provide (loving and helping people who are currently without a home) is the blueprint of how each branch would be. We would love for others in established ministries to partner up with GiveLove so we can direct people to your programs. This helps fulfill the call of their ministries and links up others to an amazing resource.
 I pray in 5 years that the love of God has just completely saturated the world and it will be normal for people to look for opportunities to give and love someone. That co-laboring with God on how He wants you to pour into someone else’s life will be what everyone does everyday. I pray that in 5 years each branch is complete and fulfilling its purpose.
Do you see yourselves offering this as a program to churches in the future?
If God allowed the opportunity for that to happen then that would be amazing. The more involved, the better!
This gives a whole new meaning to "being the hands and feet of Christ" doesn't it?
It does, we are alive to BE the love of God and show the love of God to others. I enjoy that even if people who aren’t believers get involved they will have an experience with what allowing His spirit to love through them feels like, hopefully plant a seed in their soul too.
How can others be involved?
Every Friday on the La Luce blog, I have a GiveLove Spark. A simple idea of something nice to do is posted and everyone is welcome to do that or anything else they feel led to do, and then come back and share their experience and ideas on a link up party that following Monday. It truly is a concept that can be taken anywhere and by anyone, so if someone wants to be involved, just take on GiveLove as your own and start sharing and doing.
What is the best way for us to get the word out to others?
The best way is for everyone to share it and what they are doing. A lot of the beautiful and God loving women in the blogging world have a voice…people care about what they have to say. It would be amazing to allow those platforms to be used to share something that is all about God loving through us. The more people see it on blogs, twitter, and facebook, the more encouraged they will be to do the same and get involved too. Let's start a movement of giving and making someone's day a little brighter and full of love. It why we’re here, to demonstrate the LOVE of God.

Seriously, now.  This concept is just awesome.  You don't have to be rich to be kind to someone (though if God is calling you to financially help some one DO IT!)  You don't have to be famous, or well-spoken.  

Actions speak louder than words, and the best way to show the Love of Christ to those around us is to live it.  No one wants to be preached at, but everyone wants to know they are loved and important.
Quit talking at people about Jesus, and start showing them Jesus.  

Remember, Moses wasn't comfortable leading the Israelites out of Egypt, but God thought he was perfect.  So step out of your comfort zone today, and be kind to someone who needs it the most.  Share GiveLove Fridays on your blog, too, because we can change the world, just by being obedient to the Lord!

Leave a comment about what you think about GiveLove Fridays.  Then, click over to Ashley's website and leave her a comment.  Then, get off the computer, and do something kind for someone!!

Be blessed!

Out of Whack a Little?!

Boy, just about the time I think I get my daily schedule figured out, life goes and changes it all up for me!

I guess I got a little spoiled during the summer, because I forgot just how crazy my days are with all the daycare kids here!  I typically write my blogs at night, once my own kids have gone to bed.  The last few nights, I have been so stinkin' tired, I couldn't even think straight!  Barb Wire Man and have gone to bed around 9:30 every night this week.

Does that make us old?!

The answer is yes.  I found a few gray hairs recently.  For awhile, Barb Wire Man would tell me they were just blonde hairs.  I thank him for trying, but I doubt after having brown hair all my life they would suddenly change to blonde!  Finally, though, I found a couple that he couldn't dispute.  Awesome.

Flower starts school on Monday!  She is so excited, but I'm really gonna miss that girl during the day.  She is just fun.  She is fun to hang out with, and fun to talk with.  She is Little Man's best friend, so I know he is going to be sad when she leaves on Monday without him.  We have fun in the kitchen together.  During nap time, we have fun crafting. talking, reading, or watching movies together.  Basically, its going to be really boring while she is at school and the kids are sleeping.  It makes me sad that she is growing up so fast (already in third grade!), but I couldn't be more proud of her!

Can you tell this blog is a little scatterbrained today?  I'm still trying to group all my thoughts together!  Tomorrow's blog is going to be much better, I assure you!  I'm really excited to share it with you, because its about a program that I think has potential to really change our world.  I don't tend to jump into things very often, but this one, I am.  Head first!

I pray you all have a blessed day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Week is Already Half Over?!

Well, first of all, I apologize to all my blogger friends, again, for not reading many posts yesterday.  I had yet another one of my awesome migraines, and sitting at the computer was just out of the question.  I hope to be able to catch up on everything today while the little ones are napping!  Thank you for the comments on Flower's post.  She was so excited that people were reading her post!  She kept asking me to come back and look to tell her how many people read it!

It was quite a long day yesterday, and I accomplished nothing.  I didn't even cook supper for my family, they got burgers.  I did get something added to 13 Plum, though!  (I was so out of it, it took me nearly all day to get it done!

Reusable gift bags in Christmas colors!  I've changed them up just a bit.  Instead of ribbon as the tie, I've beaded the yarn.  I really think it adds a lot to the bags.  I'm going to change the next ones up just a bit too, but not too much.  AND.....don't forget that everything is still 30% off with coupon code MUSTGO11!

Instead of selling them in sets of three, you can purchase them by size now; small, medium, or large, and you can choose which colors you want them in; red, green, or white.  Then again, if you are like me and have a totally different color scheme for your Christmas tree, just request a special color and I can make that too!  I'm going to be making some for myself soon.  They are going to be navy blue with white, silver and gold ties!

Yes, today's post is pretty short, but I've got a lot of catching up to do from yesterday!

I pray today is a wonderfully blessed day for everyone, and I promise better posts tomorrow, and especially on Friday!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Flower's Girl Scout Story!

Flower was so excited to write this little post!  We had been waiting to get her pictures back to share, but I discovered that nearly every one of the 39 pictures she had were of herself!  Half way through, she remember how to capitalize letters, by using the shift key, but didn't go back and correct half of it!   That's OK, though...she is only 8!  I hope you enjoy!

Telling daddy goodbye!

this summer i went to girl scout camp it's name was camp kiwanis. It was my first time.when i got there i was nurvus, but when we started doing crafts i did not want to go home.
In front of her cabin, so excited!

we got to ride horses i got to ride the bigist horse, named dollar.  it got realley hot at night and we did not have a air conditioning .we sang a bunch of songs i cant remeber them all becuase there were so many. there was a bunch of trees and a bunch of bridges. 
She must be like me, and love the beauty in old, dead trees.  I found 6 different pictures of this same tree!

I maid a bunch of friends,  like sarah and morgan . I slept in a cabin that had a cute little mouse that was our pet. 
Her cot in the cabin, where the pet mouse also resided.
The part that I liked was the party.We were named fire flies, so we got to stay up late at night. We got to paint our nails and make glow in the dark bracelets. I had a realley fun time at camp . I cant wait to see if my friends can come next time

The "wobbly bridge".  She said her favorite part was shaking it because it made the other girls "scream like little girls".
Oh goodness.  She is just like me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Recap - A Day at the Cross

Well, this was one of the best weekends in a long time!.  To start off with, I found out on Saturday that I am being featured on the front page of the Heart Handmade Blog!  I'm really quite excited about it!  It comes at a great time, too, since my 30% off sale is still on, and will be until I get all my things GONE!  (In case you are wondering, just use the coupon code MUSTGO11 when you check out at 13 Plum Knitting.  Being on the front page of the blog has definitely increased the traffic to my shop, and for that, I am grateful!

Also, just in case you didn't know, 13 Plum Knitting has a Facebook page!  I don't know why I haven't ever put that on here (actually, I do, and its because I couldn't figure out what the link was, but Val from CCWD totally helped me out with that one!  THANK YOU!), but I supposed now is as good a time as any! I'd love if you cruised over there in a bit, and "liked" my page!

Now on to the FUN stuff!  My in-laws came down for a visit this weekend.  My mother in law and I had considered taking Flower shopping.  However, we decided that we just didn't want to deal with all the back to school crowds that would be there.  Personally, I don't care for   hate  absolutely loathe and despise shopping.  But, we did go to the shoe store here in town, and got Flower 4 pairs of new shoes, and Little Man a new pair of cowboy boots.  I have to say here that it was a proud moment for this Mama, when Flower picked out the most awesome pair of black and white Chucks.  Yes!!!  They rock, and she rocks them!
Check out those totally awesome Chucks!  More about the statue later!
After that, we came home and picked up all the boys, then drove to Groom, a tiny  little town about an hour and a half away.  Back in 1995,  a man erected a 190 foot cross on donated land.  
Its a little difficult to photograph a 190 foot cross.  I was laying on the ground!
It is billed as the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere.  Now, normally I am leery of things like this, because it is too easy for people to start worshiping the thing rather than what the thing represents.  But, this is pretty neat.  Encircling the giant cross are the different stations, all of which tell different parts of the story of the Crucifixion; it begins with Pontius Pilot washing his hands, and ends with an empty tomb.  Really, it was very moving.    One building also had a replica of the Shroud of Turin.  I'm a geek, and absolute geek when it comes to things like that, so really, that was my favorite part!
Shroud of Turin replica.  I'd love to see the real thing, but its no longer on display anywhere.

Flower really touched my heart a couple of times, and really brought to mind the verses of Matthew 10:13-16.

"And they were bringing children to Him so that He might touch them; but the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw this, He was indignant and said to them, “Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.”  And He took them in His arms and began blessing them, laying His hands on them."
Mary in anguish, with Barb Wire Man looking on.

One of the stations showed Mary on her knees, looking up at Jesus as he was carrying the cross.  Flower asked why she looked so sad, so I explained to her that she was in anguish, because she was watching her Son walk to where He was going to die.  She teared up, and said she couldn't imagine how sad she must be.  I looked at my two kids and thought the same thing.  Honestly, I can't think of a single person I love enough to sacrifice my children for...yet that is exactly what God did for us.  
Self explanatory, I believe.
The second time was when we were in the empty tomb.  There was an angel kneeling, and Flower said "Well,  this just isn't correct.  I asked why not, and she replied "Well, because Jesus' clothes were all neatly folded where he was laying."   They really do absorb the things we tell them, even when we think they aren't listening!  
The three crosses, the repentant thief, Jeshua, and the unrepentant thief
The kids at the base of the cross.  You can tell how enormous it really is!
After we left, we all went out to eat at this awesomely good Mexican food place called Tacos Garcia.  That is one of the best things about living in the Texas Panhandle.  Next to Mexico, we have some of the most authentic, delicious Mexican food there is!  Tacos Garcia is also the place Barb Wire Man took me for our first date, so we go there as often as we can!
My kids rock.
And now, here we are, at the start of another work week.  Back to the grind we all go!  Tomorrow, Miss Flower is writing my blog post!  She just got all her photos back from her Girl Scout camp experience.  I had her sit and write about it.  She thought it was fun; I thought it was a great chance to learn about how to write! On Friday, I can't wait to introduce you to one of my blogger friends.  Her blog is called La Luce, and I love reading it!  She is an artisan, a fellow blogger, bust most importantly, she is a woman who unashamedly shares her faith.  I can't wait to tell you how she doesn't just talk about her faith...she puts it into practice, and asks everyone else to do the same.

Today is mingle Monday...come join the fun!

Until then, be blessed!  Prayers for a great week for all!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Sponsor Spots

Its Saturday, so that means its time to thank the sponsors here on 13 Plum Confessions!  Right now, I have 13 Plum Knitting, and CCWD!  I still have room for some more, so contact me if you are interested!  There's lots of options to choose from, and I make it easy on you by doing everything!

CCWD joined 13 Plum Confessions just last week!  I've enjoyed the little bit of writing back and forth we have done, and Val, the owner, seems like such a sweet lady!

I really love that her children's wall decorations are made of foam.  I've always been phobic that heavy wood art in kids rooms would fall and hit them in the head.  Not these!

The sayings on her wooden art are just hilarious.  I'm sure you can find something that will make you laugh!  But, just in case, she also take custom orders!

Take a look at her store, and remember...Christmas time is coming up soon.  Her prices are great, so you could get a sign for each person in your family!

13 Plum Knitting...yup, that's me!  I'd still really like to get some of this moving, because, well, I'm just running out of room here.  I need to get this gone before I can make some new things!

This scarf and hat set aren't sold together, but are perfect matches! The hat will fit adults or kids, and its guaranteed to keep you warm!

I have a couple of different scarves, but this maroon one is still my favorite.

And who wouldn't look cute wearing this?!
Start shopping for Christmas now, and start by visiting CCWD and 13 Plum Knitting!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to Reality!!

Yesterday, all our local public school teachers went back to work.  Since all my day care kids are teacher's kids, that means I went back to work as well!
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Usually during the summer, I get a new "batch" of kiddos.  They are usually older, and out of school for the summer.  But this year, Barb Wire Man and I decided I needed some time off.  I wanted to be able to take my kids to the park spur of the moment, and spend time just enjoying their company.  My goals were to get Little Man potty trained (which I pretty much did!!!), work on some 3rd grade curriculum with Flower (we mastered multiplication and cursive!), and get some knitting projects finished up (which I sorta did!)
I think my daycare kids need this cute shirt from tremdyembroidery, $18.00!
I've completely enjoyed this restful time, but for the last couple of weeks have been ready for things to get back to normal; to get back into a routine.  All three of my pseudo-kids showed up this morning, and it was as though nothing had changed!  They were all excited to see each other, and started playing like before.

I'm really thankful that the kids all feel comfortable here.  They know they can laugh and play and have fun, but they also know that when I clear my throat, its time to settle down.  At nap time, they all laid right down and crashed in less than 5 minutes!  We must play pretty hard around here!
Personalize nap mats?  Sure!  From embroideryoutlet, $45
I'm also thankful that the moms all trust me to care for their babies.  Since I worked until Flower was 7, I know how hard it is to find someone who will love and care for your kids the way Mama does.

So yes, its back to wild, crazy days around here again.  Its chaotic, and its loud.  There's lots of diapers, and sippy cups.  And instead of jammin' to my favorite 90's tunes, or worship music, I'm jammin' to the Fresh Beat Band.  Its all good though.  I don't think I'd trade it for the world!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily To do Lists

Yesterday, I listed out all the household chores I do each month.  Today, I will show you how I divide things up weekly.  The things listed below are the things I do in addition to the things I do every single day.

Remember, it isn't really as bad as it looks, and you may have to change things up a bit to fit your particular needs.

Nothing.  This is supposed to be a day of rest!  Enjoy your family!

Sweep/mop all hard floors in the house
Put fresh towels/dishrags in kitchen and bathrooms
Dust the front part of the house
Check toilet paper and trashes in bathroom
Water all plants
These dust Bunnies, from pushinupdaisies are too cute!  $12.00

Vacuum all rooms
Iron anything remaining from yesterday
Wipe down outside and top of fridge
Dust back part of house

Change tablecloth
Change Sheets
Fresh towels/dishrags
Clean out and wipe down top shelf of the fridge
Scrub bathroom sinks only 
Check toilet paper/bathroom trashes
Pay and file bills
Water plants

Clean out and wipe down middle and bottom shelf of fridge
Wipe down outside and inside of microwave and outside of oven
Scrub toilets
Wipe down outside of dishwasher
Clean out and wipe down drawers of fridge and door shelves
Scrub bathroom tubs
Check toilet papers and trash in bathrooms
Water Plants
Fresh Towels/dishrags

Do 2-4 things on monthly chore list

This is my "Do Every Single Day or My Whole World Will Be Thrown Out Of Rotation" List
Make beds (kids do their own)
General house straightening (do right before Hubs gets home)
Load/unload dishwasher
Empty kitchen trash
Prepare next day’s coffee
Prepare supper for cooking later (around noon)
Set out next day’s meat to thaw in fridge
Wipe down kitchen counters
Make sun tea in the morning so its ready by lunch
Give kids a bath
Quiet time
My shower
Pick up bath toys
Set out next day’s clothes

The daily list is in no particular order, but I have to have done everything or I feel like I've done nothing!  Even if I have to force myself to do it (which actually happens frequently) I do it.  For me, personally, if I slack one day, then it is easier to slack of the next day, then even easier to blow the entire thing off completely by the third day!

I post my blog first thing in the morning before the kids get up, then I only come back and check it when they are napping, or having their quiet reading time.  I try to get these things all done before 8 AM, and most of the time, I do.  After sticking to a schedule for a couple weeks, it really will get easier. I promise!

So, hopefully these have helped you!  Feel free to change it up as you need for your home!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monthly To-Do's....

The MamaZone Button
So, I had originally planned on listing each of my day's to-do lists on my blog posts.  Then I realized that I "talk" so much in my blog, that the posts would end up being a novel.  So today, I will start with my monthly lists.  Tomorrow, I will do my weekly and daily lists.

My house is not always spotless.  But, I don't usually have to rush around if someone make an unexpected visit, either.

I will never apologize for toys on my living room floor, little fingerprints on my glass front door, or dust (hey, when you live in a town where the wind blows 30 mph, and cattle outnumber people 1,000 to one, you could dust every day and still have dust).

The key to keeping up with a house, a husband, two kids, a day care, a blog, and an online business is scheduling, prioritizing, delegating and LISTS!  I love lists.  I make lists for everything I do, and even include "make tomorrow's to-do list" the last thing to do for a day.  I've even been known to write down things I have already done that weren't originally on the list, just for the satisfaction of crossing them off!  I try to get as much done as possible before my kids even wake up, so that the rest of the day is devoted to them.
How great is this Freakin' To Do List from finchandhawk?! 3-pack for $15! 

And so, without further ado, here are my lists for keeping up with my household while still maintaining my sanity...somewhat.

Household Chores to be Done Monthly
Polish any wood in the kitchen, including baseboards, cabinets, etc.

Make enough laundry soap to last 6 months
Organize pantry, donate to food pantry any food we won't use/don't care for
Clean oven vent
Run self-clean cycle on oven
Wipe down dust off washer and dryer
Clean front of house carpets
Wash master bath shower curtain and rug
Dust ceiling fans and a/c vents throughout house
Clean all mirrors in house
Polish all the wood in the laundry room
Clean inside dishwasher and garbage disposal
Clean oven vent
Wipe down washer and dryer
Clean carpets in back of house
Dust all window blinds in the house
Wash front bathroom curtain and rugs
Clean all mirrors
Polish wood in entry way
Clean out fireplace after winter use/wash glass on fireplace doors
Clean oven vent
Wipe down washer and dryer
Clean out master closets and take any unneeded clothes to thrift store to donate
Sweep porch of old leaves, cobwebs, etc.
Dust ceiling fans/vents
Clean mirrors


Polish wood in living room
Organize pantry
Clean oven vent
Wipe down washer/dryer
Go through kids' winter clothes to donate and take to donate/consign
Polish hallway wood
Clean oven vent
Clean all windows, inside and out
Wipe down washer/dryer
Clean front of house carpets
Go through kids toys to donate/consign
Clean all mirrors
Polish wood in both bathrooms
Clean oven vent
Wipe down washer/dryer
Clean back house carpets
Sweep porch/clean
Clean ceiling fans/vents
Polish wood in Little Man's room
Clean out dishwasher and disposal
Clean out pantry
Clean oven vent
Wipe down washer/dryer
Dust all window blinds
Sweep porch
Clean all mirrors
Polish wood in Flower's room
Make laundry soap to last 6 months
Clean oven vent
Wash out trashcan
Wipe down washer/dryer
Polish wood in master bedroom 
Clean out fireplace if needed to get ready for the winter
Clean oven vent
Wipe down washer/dryer
Clean front of house carpets
Wash master bath curtain and rug
Sweep porch
Ceiling fans/vents
Polish wood in master bath
Organize pantry
Clean oven vent
Wipe down washer/dryer
Clean back of house carpets
Wash front bath curtain and rug
Go through summer clothes donate/consign
Clean all mirrors
Roll coins saved up in laundry room.  
Clean oven vent
Wipe down washer/dryer
Clean all mirrors
Clean oven vent
Wipe down washer/dryer
Clean all ceiling fans
Clean out magazine collection!
Clean all mirrors

Obviously, some things will need to be switched up to match your household may not have a fireplace to clean out, or carpets to clean.  I try to do all my monthly things on Saturdays, but I break it down so I don't do all of them at once.  On the first Saturday of the month, I'll do 2-4 things on my list, on the second Saturday I'll do 2-4 more things, etc.  If your kids are old enough, they can help, too!  It is a great way to teach them how to work as a teach in the home!  Flower, for some crazy reason, loves to dust.  I love to let her.

Remember, it looks like a lot more than it really is.  It isn't anything we don't usually do, but once its written down it just looks like a lot more.

Anyhow, that is how I divvy up my big household chores.  Tomorrow, I'll show you how I divide up my weekly chores!

Be blessed!