Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

It is such a beautiful Spring day!  Maybe a little windy, but around here, one comes to expect that.  I had all the windows open this morning (actually, for another reason than keeping the house cool, but I'll tell you about that later), and a nice breeze was blowing through the house.  The kids all thought it was hilarious when the wind would blow the curtains around.  It was one big game to them, kept them occupied for the longest time, and the giggles coming from the house were priceless!  My only little girl was laughing so hard at one point she just threw herself on the ground.  It was hilarious!

Now, on to the reason the windows were open in the first place.

I was going down my daily to do list that I got from Motivated Moms.  Its really been a huge help in keeping me caught up on house work.  I try to not skip anything each day, because it just gets easier and easier to skip things.  Anyhow, one of today's to-dos was clean the oven.  Well, just a couple weeks ago I scrubbed the inside of my oven from top to bottom.  It was clean.  But I thought, "Well, might as well stay on track!", so I ran the self clean cycle on my oven.  I made sure there was nothing in the oven (I store my cast iron skillets in there), and hit start.

Holy.  Cow.

As I said before, my oven was CLEAN....I don't know what the heck was in there that I couldn't see, but that thing smoked like you wouldn't believe.  It was horrible.  I opted for the self-clean cycle, because I really didn't want the kids around the fumes from the cleaner.  I thought this seemed like a much better option, but I was wrong. (Mark it, folks.  I don't admit that often.)  We all coughed and hacked.  The sun was shining through the front door, so you could see the smoke.  Little Man was running around trying to catch it.  So I opened all the windows and turned all the fans on, and frankly, I'm surprised my neighbors didn't call the fire department.

Thankfully, the cycle is completed, and I think the house has air out.  That, or I have just gotten used to the smell and it isn't affecting me any more.  But, I have a super clean oven.

Did I mention today is actually "No Housework Day"?  It is, but I am doing housework anyway.  While No Housework Day is great in theory, its just not.  I could not do any house work today, and I would love to sit on my duff and not do housework.  But tomorrow would be awful.  I'd have so much catching up to do.  My family can destroy a clean house in a matter of minutes.  So I opted to just do the few things Motivated Mom listed for me, and go on with my every day.

I have a craft show coming up on April 16th that I am excited about.  Its in Pampa, Texas, which is the little town I grew up in.  I haven't been in Pampa  for a long least 8 years.  So I am sure it looks a lot different.  But, I am excited that I might get to see a few people that I know and haven't seen in a long time.  I'm hoping the craft show goes well, too.  I think I am taking both my kiddos with me this time.  Flower got to go to the last one with me, and she was a really big help, but I left Little Man with Daddy.  It was hard on us

Barb Wire man will be coming home in a few minutes, and I think he is bringing a nice big Coke to me.  Nothing says "I love you" like a 44 ounce coke from your husband.  Seriously.  He knows what makes me happy!

Be sure to stop by my shop, won't you?  Its needing some love! 13 Plum Knitting

Have a great day!

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