Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rendering Unto Ceaser.....

So today at nap time, I put off doing everything I really wanted to do, and pulled out every bit of tax information I had received and started my taxes.  This year, we were a little worried.  Since I have a home business, I do have a lot of deductions.  But, we hadn't set any money aside in the off-chance I would owe.  In fact, we were looking at doing our taxes abut the same as walking into our own funeral.

But, I summoned the courage (with the help of a friend), and started working on them.

We got a pleasant surprise in actually getting some money back.  I'm now sitting here thinking "I knew those kids would come in handy."

God's Reward
I think God is rewarding us Texas Panhandle residents for surviving the ungodly cold temperatures we experienced recently.  I mean, I wear two shirts and long underwear when it is 40 degrees out, so the -9 temperatures of last week were unbearable.  I had to wash way more laundry than usual because I bundled everyone up so much.  To make matters worse, the temp was -9....but when you throw in the 45 mph winds, it felt like -WTF.  

But yesterday, it was 80*.  Today, it is 72*.  It comes with a price of 30 mph winds, but I guess I can handle that if it is warm.  Wait.  Why do the weather men tell us we have to pay for warm weather with a high wind, but have to keep the wind when it is so cold?!  Oy.

I have been able to take the kids out to play, which equals much better nap times.  The sun has shown, and Flower has gotten to ride her bike and play basketball.  I could live outside.  When I was a child I would have been happy if I slept, ate, and played outside, and I am still that way.

The best news of the day, other than finishing the taxes, is that all the kids are asleep, and I still have an hour, roughly, before they wake up!  Think I will go make some tea and knit a bit!

I did add some new things to 13 Plum last night, and intend on adding more this evening if I have the chance.  Please take a look if you have the chance!

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