Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Penny Pinching Meal Ideas

Yesterday I wrote about how to turn one fryer chicken into 6 meals, plus 8 jars of chicken stock.  Writing was about the only productive thing I did yesterday!

Today, I thought I'd tell you another way I use one large cut of meat for numerous meals!

During my big grocery shopping trip, I also purchased a 4 pound roast for $15.92.  When I buy roast, I typically buy the absolute cheapest per-pound cut, so really, that is pretty high for a roast,  It was all that stupid store had, so I really had no choice.  I use roast meat for so many things, and it is something I really need to have around.

Once I got home, I sprinkled Real Salt all over the roast, then placed it in my slow cooker.  I added enough water to come about half way up the roast, then turned it to low and let it do its thing.  (That is why I love slow easy can it be?!)

When the roast was completely cooled, I let it cool.  While it was cooling, I poured the broth into my big stew pot, added a little water, then covered it, allowing it to stew for a bit.  I was able to get 4 jars of beef broth, but didn't can them yet.  (I pressure cooked the cans the same day I did the chicken broth, to help conserve energy and water.  Just like with the chicken broth, you must have a pressure cooker to can beef broth.)

I started working and cutting on the roast when it had cooled.  Since Mr. Picky (aka Barb Wire Man) is so picky, we don't eat plain roast with gravy because he doesn't like it.  I was able to get out enough meat for:
4 shepherd's pie
2 round of bbq sandwiches
3 pots of stew

Broken down, I got 4 jars of beef broth and 9 meals out of a 4 pound roast for $1.22 each.  Not the best I have ever done, but still, not too shabby if you ask me!

One thing to keep in mind is that I use the roast and chicken in meals that do not require a huge amount of meat.  Very rarely to I use more than half a pound of meat.  In fact, it is probably closer to 1/4 pound per meal for my family of four.  In chicken salad, I use a small amount of chicken, but once the boiled eggs are added it doubles in size.  The same goes for the beef I use in shepherd's pie and stew.  A small amount of meat goes a very long way once you start adding those fresh veggies in with it!

Does anyone else have any uses for roast?  Be blessed!

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