Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Great Food Debate

Many of you know that several months back I drastically changed my family's diet.  The more I began reading about the foods we eat, the more disgusted I became.  My family now eats almost entirely unprocessed, truly natural, real food.  Thankfully, my children are still young, and quickly adapted to the change in our diet.  Barb Wire Man is still a reluctant participant.  I still do have to buy crap food for him, actually.  I can't force him to eat as healthy as I would like, but I do make snide remarks every time I serve him something "fake".

It is funny, yet sad to me that so many people think what I am doing is crazy. Some of the comments that make my stomach turn include:

"But processed tastes so much better." (yes, because the natural flavors have addicted us to a perfect flavor)

"I may use some boxed foods, but I make them at home.  We never add extra salt." (Good for you!  But do you have any idea how much salt is already in there?  What about the chemicals they include to help preserve it?)

"Well, we just can't afford to eat healthy."  (No?  I guess it is better to pay for doctor's visits, vitamins to replace what you aren't getting, and future health issues for you and  your children?)

"I don't have time to cook healthy food." (I'm sorry.  I forgot you think I have all the time in the world, since I stay at home everyday with 4 toddlers and a 6 month old at my house,)

"I noticed your had apple/raisin/peanut butter sandwiches, pecans, sliced carrots and yogurt for lunch today, and a banana for snack.  I wanted to make sure you knew there was assistance if you needed help paying for food."  (No witty comment needed.  But my jaw did hit the floor.)

"I've eaten that food all my life, and I am just fine!"  (Really?!  Then why are you constantly complaining about your weight?  Your painful joints?  How your head always hurts?  How many meds you are on for your high cholesterol, and god knows what else?)

Here is one of my favorite blogs on just this subject.  I think, after reading it, you'll see exactly what I'm saying.
100 Days of Real Food

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