Monday, December 10, 2012

Catching Up On Everything!

I'm not even going to look at the last time I wrote a post for this little blog.  I'm ashamed of myself!  Once school starts back up, and I get busy watching all my daycare kiddos, I tend to brush the blog aside.  I really shouldn't do that, but, I do.  Playing, diapers, nap times, laundry, does take up the majority of my time.  I'm going to make an effort, though, to at least write twice a week!  It will at least keep my mom happy!

We just got over a round of illnesses at our house.  Little Man caught the stomach bug right after Thanksgiving, and the poor boy felt miserable.  It started on Thursday, and continued over into Friday.  Thankfully, we had the weekend to recover!  On Tuesday, late in the afternoon, Little Man started screaming while holding his ear.  I had never seen an ear ache cause such terrible pain, so I knew it must be bad.  He was also running a really high fever.  One of my daycare moms stayed at my house to help me out with all the kids, and, after Barb Wire Man changed out the completely dead battery in my car, I drove Little Man to the doctor.  By this time, it was 6:00 in the evening, and the closest 24-hour clinic is in a town 30 minutes away, so off we went.  I wasn't surprised when the doctor told me Little Man had an ear infection.  I was surprised when the doctor said "Umm, did your son also put some wadded up paper in his ear!?"

Sure enough, Little Man had something wedged into his ear.  Turned out to be chewed up pencil eraser.  Pencil eraser.  Now, the last time my child was sick, and had been to the doctor for a check up was in May, 2011.  I have no idea how long it had been in there, or, where in the heck he got a pencil eraser.  But, it is out now, so, we are good to go!

Unfortunately for Little Man, the antibiotic the doctor put him on wasn't strong enough.  I still could not get his fever to go down.  On top of that, he began throwing up again!  I was able this time to get him into our pediatrician, thankfully.  The ear infection was not going away, and fluid was continuing to build up on his ears.  They tested for flu and strep, and everything came back negative.  Another antibiotic was prescribed.  He continued to be sick to his stomach up until midnight on Saturday.  It broke my heart to see him so sickly, and tired.  My best guess is he caught another stomach bug on top of the ear infection.

Thankfully, Flower and I have been OK, with no symptoms of illness.  Barb Wire Man got a touch of it, but nothing that kept him down for very long.  Most weeks, I do not look forward to Mondays, but I did today.  Fresh week, fresh, healthy start!

I have had a lot of orders at 13 Plum Creations, which is a GREAT thing, but another reason I haven't written much!  Who knew that these little headbands would cause such a huge rush of orders!?  I almost had more than I could handle, and, admittedly, volunteered my sweet Mama to help me knit some of them up!  I'm still working on finishing up orders, too, but all the headbands got out!

I hope to have some new items up soon.  I'm changing things up a bit, however.  I will make one of each item.  Then, any order of that item will be custom!  That will keep me from making too many of one item, and, will allow me to make each item according to the wishes of the one ordering!  All items will have to be paid for in advance, however.  I had way too many people order headbands, then never respond to my calls and emails, or come pay for them.  How rude, I know!  Oh well, that is apart of it I suppose.  If you see something on my Etsy site you can't live without, go ahead and order it!  If you want it a little more personal, just look me up on Facebook...13 Plum Knitted Creations...and send me a message!

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day, and I will *hopefully* have another post up soon!

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  1. Stomach bug has been going around here and is with me again now.
    I always say "people make me sick" and they do! I get sick very easy and it lingers. That is why I stay home as much as possible.

    Hooray for the orders! Wish my little headbands would sell :-( Pout, pout LOL

    It is hard to get around to all the blogs I follow, but this evening I decided wot work down thru a few screens worth and I am glad I did... I found your new post!



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