Monday, June 10, 2013

Summertime activities!

We are working on our second week of school being out for summer, and so far I haven't heard the words "I'm bored!!"  Around this house, my kids know not to say that...I can always find something for them to do, and it usually isn't anything they would consider fun.  They've learned to figure something out on their own!

But, I do have a whole list of things ready for them to tackle as soon as I hear those words.  In fact, if they don't get bored soon, I may have to go pull weeds myself!

I found a few deals I thought I'd share with everyone today, that might help your little one busy this summer!

If your kids love to read, you can get 4 Disney Wreck It Ralph books for 99 cents!  After that, you will get 3 new books each month.  These are a little young for Flower, but are perfect for my Little Man and the daycare kids!

If Dr. Seuss is more your style, you can get 5 books for $5.95!  After that, you get 3 new books a month.

I did the Dr. Suess book club way back when Flower was a little thing, and we still have all the books!  The look a little sad these days, but my goodness!  They are about 7 years old, and have gone through both of my kids and countless daycare kids!  I'd say it was totally worth it!  

What activities do you do with your kids to keep the busy and having fun during the summer?

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  1. My grandson stays with me during school breaks. We paint, play horseshoes, Use power tools, watch movies, cook and go to the crrek



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