Thursday, December 15, 2011

Checking In!

Yay!  I have time to write this morning, because I've been up since about 4:45.  I've come to the conclusion that, if my bed wasn't so warm, and Barb Wire Man wasn't a giant teddy bear, I could get out of bed much easier each morning.   Flower was up much of the night with a tummy ache, so that didn't make for a restful night, either.  

I've been quite busy lately, which is a great thing for me.  I despise not being busy.  I've made 12 sets of wristwarmers, a baby blanket, 6 neck cowls, and many other smaller things, like IPod holders in the last month, and I am still not completely finished knitting for others!  That's a good problem to have, for sure.

I almost succeeded in my goal of a completely handmade Christmas for my family.  I can't wait to post pictures of all the neat things I found on Facebook and Etsy!  Santa, however, was unable to find handmade items for Flower and Little Man's requests.  Awesome as that Santa is, knitting a functioning .22 is just impossible.  

I have found time to read a book.  Granted, sometimes I have to pretend to go to the bathroom just for a few minutes of alone time in order to read said book.  I've been reading "Created to be His Help Meet", by Debi Pearl.  Warning: if you are a strong feminist, this book will probably anger you.  If you think being a submissive wife is outdated, this book will probably annoy you.  Lucky for me, I am neither of those.  I read about the book from another of my favorite bloggers, Lori, at Always Learning.  (Her blog is always uplifting, and is a great resource for woman who want to truly be a Godly woman, wife and mother.)  I've been trying the things I learned in that book, and honestly, it didn't take much time before I started seeing changes around our home!  Now, in no way did Barb Wire Man and I need help with our marriage.  In fact, we have an amazing marriage.  This book has helped change me, and the way I look at things.  

Christmas break from school starts Friday!  That means a two week vacation for me!  I always enjoy spending that time alone with my babies, but I do miss my daycare kids, too!  So far, I have no plans other than to soak up every second I have loving on my kids, and that is just how I like it.  

It is already time to wake Flower up for school...time flies when I am busy!  Before I forget, though, here is a quick and shameless plug.  Through Christmas, everything at 13 Plum Knitting is 25% off right now, when you use the coupon code "25OFF" at check out!  You can pair that with "FREE11" to get free shipping!  Won't you check it out!?  You can also follow me on Facebook, and on Twitter!  I pray you all have a blessed day!  


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  1. love the handmade christmas success ;) miss you. love you


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