Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree...

I typically have my Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving.  Shoot, I'd put it up right after Halloween if Barb Wire Man would let me!  But this year, we were out of town the day after Thanksgiving, so that didn't happen.  Then someone "forgot" to get the Christmas tree out of storage before he left for work for 3 days!  So last night, Flower and I moved box after box until we finally got to the tree box.  Which was at the very bottom of the pile.  I finally had it completely put up and all the branches pulled out this morning.  It still isn't decorated, but I have to brave this 40 MPH wind and freezing temps to get the lights out.  I promised Flower I would have it ready to decorate by tonight, though, so I must. 

Although, it seems one of my daycare kids had a much better idea for decorating my tree:

In case you can't tell, that is one of her shoes and both of her socks!  I guess she just got tired of looking at a plain ol' tree with no decorations!  She was quite proud of herself!

I heard a news broadcaster once tell people they needed to not shop online, at places like Etsy, because the purchases don't help support local economy...even if they are actually located locally.  His argument was that no city or county taxes were paid by the business.  That really isn't the case, though. The fact is, anyone who makes and sells a good is supposed to pay taxes.  We are supposed to register through the comptroller's office, and pay quarterly taxes, just like any other business.  Each quarter, whether I sell $1.00 or $100.00, I have to report my earnings.  The tax I pay is separated into state, local, and county it does help locally.  Of course, there are those who don't report their earnings, or pay taxes.  I do.  Personally, I'd rather pay a little here and there when I have a sale, than to get caught not paying when I need to.  Anyhow, all that to tell you about a few more shops!  Most of these are located locally, here in Texas!

I really love jewelry.  I don't wear it often, simply because I stay at home all day with 4 two year olds!  But I think this necklace is beautiful!  Shade of Style is actually located about an hour from me, but only about 20 minutes from where I was born!

Rolling Plains Photography is located a couple hours from me.  I've been thinking about getting family pictures done for Christmas this year (but maybe you all remember my story about Barb Wire Man flipping the bird in every picture he takes?).  Its a great idea to capture your kids, and send those to grandparents!

Made by Mego has some of the neatest ideas.  Seriously...I really dig that picture!  Its so creative!  She also has some gorgeous wreaths available!

Stop by and check out what these ladies have to offer!  And be blessed today!


  1. I love putting up the Christmas tree!!

  2. Christmas trees are one of my favorite things ever! It's a chance to see every family's creative side :) Merry Christmas, and thank you! :)


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