Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can Someone Tell Me...

Can someone tell my why my kids need drinks and Barb Wire Man needs ice cream after I have the kitchen cleaned and dishwasher running for the night?

I'm serious.  Last night, I was sitting on the couch, finally relaxing after the kids had gone to bed, and looking into my "new" kitchen.  I thought, "The house is clean, the kids are clean and in bed, Barb Wire Man and I are sitting here in peace...how nice!"

Then, Little Man comes running in from his bedroom.  "I'm thirsty mom.  I need milk."

I get him water, he goes back to bed, and the cup goes into the sink for tomorrows dishwasher load, since today's is already clean.

Then, Flower comes in.  "I forgot to get a drink, mom.  Where is my cup?"  "It is in the dishwasher, because it was dirty."  "Oh, OK.  I will get another."

She goes to bed, cup goes in the sink.

Barb Wire Man decides ice cream is on the menu.  "Want some?"  "Sure, why not...sounds good."

Two bowls, two spoons and an ice cream scooper, right into the sink.

I have just come to the conclusion that as long as we are living in this house, or any house for that matter, the kitchen will never be spotless.  There will always be a cup or two in the sink.  But, it is a good thing, too.  We have a home.  My kids can walk to the sink at any given moment to get a drink of fresh, clean water.  We have money to buy not just food to sustain us, but also food that just tastes good.

Be blessed today!


  1. Its a conspiracy, the same thing goes on here. I Finley had to limit the kids to one glass a day. If they get something to drink after dishes are done it gets rinsed out and used the next day. Since doing dishes is one of the very few things I HATE.

  2. What a beautiful thought. You are very blessed


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