Monday, October 1, 2012

Close, But No Cigar...

The good news off the day is I am finished with my dining room!  YAY!  I am so beyond thrilled, and I can say that after living it this house for going on 7 years, it finally feels like, well, home.  The   dining room is finally the way I want it to look, a reflection of our family, and almost completely pulled together.  There are still a couple things I am going to add to the walls, but it isn't urgent, and are simply decorations that I will get as I find them.  I know what I want, and I'm not doing anything else unless it is exactly like I want!  Here are a few of my finished photos!

I know the curtains seem slightly out of place...but, the match the main theme, once all decorations are up! (The curtains by the way, are actually two shower curtains!)

Dining area...see?  blue!  

I have 5 of these hanging...2 by the door, and two by the laundry room door to hang jackets, backpacks, and baseball caps on.

My Mama made this for me, and what I chose to be the main focus of the room.

Like I said, there are still a few things I would like to do to top it off, but those can always come later.  I love it, love it love it!

The kitchen?  Yeah.  Not finished.  Once I got the glaze on the wall, I decided the white cabinets just were not working with the theme.  So, I tried using the glaze on the cabinets as well.  That did NOT work.  It seriously looks like all my kids went outside, played in the dirt, then rubbed their muddy hands all over the cabinets.  Looks like we will be taking them down and repainting them another color.  Any suggestions?  Because I really have no idea...

Barb Wire Man spent the day at his favorite cigar shop, so he came home to a whole new house.  He had a great time, met a famous cigar dude named Matt Booth, smoked several good cigars, and got some awesome loot.  But, he didn't bring me a cigar.  Oh well.

The kids played.  They have been such good sports throughout this little remodel.  I'm proud of them!  I will be finished totally, soon, and I can go back to playful mommy!

And now, Barb Wire Man has just brought me a nice bowl of ice cream!  I don't eat it very often, but I think he sensed I needed a little treat after this long weekend.  Be blessed!


  1. I would go with a creamy color for you cabinets, because that is the sense of color I get from your walls with the glaze on them. If you want I can show the pics to Kim and ask his 'professional' opinion. LOL Although, I think he will agree with me ;)
    That said you could always paint them red and dry brush (white wash) over them in white or cream. Might give it a more rustic country look.

  2. I was going to say that a cream/light tan color would work well with your walls. It looks great. What a difference!!

  3. I love the walls in your dining area. They're beautiful!
    And I love Charli's idea in the comments about red with white wash over it for the kitchen. Sounds like it would really tie everything together.


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