Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Great Texas Blizzard

We are covered in snow!!  Woohoo!!

Texas weather is so strange.  Normally, we don't get crazy, horrible blizzards, just a few inch-or-two snows a year.  But when we do get blizzards, they are off the charts horrible.  This storm was just that type.  They even named it:  Rocky!

We got weather alert warnings 14 hours in advance, that we needed to prepare.  Everyone went to the store to stock up on essentials, but on Sunday afternoon it was nearly 70 degrees!  Flower and Little Man were out riding their bikes in t-shirts, but, around 6:00 p.m. the wind hit, and the temperatures dropped 30 degrees within 5 minutes.

It had just started snowing when Barb Wire Man and I went to bed, and the snowflakes were huge.  It wasn't a pretty snowfall, either...it was snowing horizontally thanks to the 50 mph winds!  I woke up to texts alerting me that school was cancelled!  It was still snowing horizontally Monday morning,and it looked absolutely disgusting outside.  But, Barb Wire Man got dressed and headed out to work anyhow.  Shortly after he left, I learned that the storm was so bad that even the Department of Transportation had stopped operations, and were no longer clearing roads.  "Until further notice, assume all major roads are closed" was their report.  Since Mike drives a semi truck, he obviously was unable to work, so he came home!  

It snowed until noon, and the winds didn't die down until evening.  We spent the whole day cooped up in the house...Barb Wire Man, Flower, Little Man, our huge rottweiler, our schnauzer, and me.   It was crowded and a bit chaotic, but so enjoyable!  Barb Wire Man built a fire, we played cards, smoked cigars up the chimney, played games, made chili and just enjoyed each other's company!  

By noon, school had already been cancelled for Tuesday.  Thanks to the winds, which ranged from 50 to 75 miles per hour, there were 5 foot plus snow drifts all over the place.  Mail didn't even run, it was so yucky!  

My kids are itching to go outside and play in the snow today, but it is still so cold!  I'm making them wait until we at least hit 32 degrees...so far, its only 16.  And honestly, I am as ready for them to go outside and play as they are.  Barb Wire Man made it to work, but operations are still pretty limited because of the road conditions.  I worry about him while he is on the road, so I spend a lot of time in prayer when conditions are like this.  I'm thankful he is an amazing driver....it is all the other idiots I have to worry about!  

Enjoy the pictures of our crazy, Texas Panhandle Blizzard!

This was looking to the south...even though we had over 11 inches of snow, there were still bare spots on the grass, because the wind had blown it away into drifts!

This was looking east, across the street, and one of the rare moments when I could actually see the houses.  For most of the day, the wind blew the snow so hard, I could hardly make out the houses!  On the left, you can see where the snow drift is actually taller than the fence!

This was looking south in my back yard!  My poor little schnauzer couldn't even walk out into the yard or she would disappear!  In fact, it was almost too much for the Rott!
Be blessed, and stay warm!  I will post more pictures later!

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