Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It is Wednesday!!

We are halfway through the week!  I had every intention of making bread this morning.  Then I sat down to knit (because the little ones were being SO good!), and lost track of time.  Guess I will do it in the morning!

I even got a couple more things listed on my Etsy!  I hope you will take a minute to check them out!  I'm starting to put some of my larger items up for sale...the things I am most proud of.  Anyhow, please take a look, and let me knows what you think!

Today, the wind hasn't been so bad.  Thank God.  It was terrible yesterday, and it is hard to explain to a 2 year old why he can't go "toutide" to "pay"!  Hopefully the kids can go burn off some energy later this evening.

Flower is getting quite nervous about tomorrow...the entire second grade is putting on a play for the parents!  She only has one line, but both set of grandparents will be there to hear her say that one line.  She just can't wait!

I have not witty comments today, no incredible observations.  My mind is half frazzled.  I just don't feel like thinking to hard today!  I hope everyone has a great day, and please don't forget to check out the Etsy!

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