Thursday, January 19, 2012

Patches and Sashes and Cookies...oh my!

My car is parked in my driveway, not in my garage.  I'm frantically sewing patches onto a brown sash, so people will gasp when they see how many have been earned.  I'm putting on my walking shoes so my feet don't kill me after walking door to door every day.  That can only mean one thing:  Girl Scout Cookies.  There are literally over $4,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies in my garage.

Its insanity, my friends.  I might actually lose my mind over it!  Flower has big goals this year.  Then again, she always does.  Last year her goal was to sell 2,000 boxes of cookies, so she could win the highest prize.  She fell short, but only by 1,700 boxes.  This year her goal is 2,000, so she can win the Netbook.  I'm almost positive that by the time we drive around town taking orders, delivering, and collecting money, I will have spent enough in gas money to have purchased the dang thing for her.

But, that isn't what Girl Scouts is about, is it?

Its showing her that she can do whatever she puts her mind to.  Did she do it last year?  No, but she learned that if she wants to do it this year, she has to work a little bit harder.  Not everything comes easily.

I have 9 little girls in my troop, and I'm proud of them all!  They all do so awesome during cookie time.  I know they are going to do a great, nay, amazing job selling all 1, 116 boxes of cookies in my garage.  I need  them to sell, too.  I hate parking outside....

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