Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest and Glitter and Keys...OH MY!

So, here lately, I have found myself looking at all the awesome crafts on Pinterest that I want to do, instead of actually making the crafts.  Actually, I've found myself on Pinterest more than anything, period.  I love it.

I found the cool tutorial about putting glitter on your keys to help differentiate which keys go where.  I'm not a huge glitter fan, but I do have a million different keys.  Flower, on the other hand, would take a glitter bath every day if I let her, so I knew she would have fun with this craft!

We laid out a paper towel and took my plain jane key off my key chain.

Next, we swiped one side of the key with a generous amount of clear fingernail polish.  I don't think you really need as much polish as we used, though.  Flower was in charge of this part, and she still thinks more is better!

We sprinkled the wet nail polish with bright blue glitter.  Flower really wanted me to use pink, but I drew the line.  The glitter was for her, so we got to at least use my favorite color!
We repeated the steps on the other side, and wound up with this awesomely glittery key!
I'm pretty sure that I will be able to tell which key I need, in a flash.  There is no missing this thing.

I will say, however, that now I tend to have a little bit of glitter on everything I own.  It does rub off quite a bit,  but this may be remedied by adding another coat of clear polish to seal it.  I doubt I will do this, though.  That would mean that I would 100% complete the craft, and I never do that!  I can't ruin my streak!

What are some fun crafts you have done lately?


  1. looks a lot nicer than the duct tape we have on ours!!

  2. Lovely...idea! NowI know what I am doing this afternoon:) your newest follower via the hop. you can find me at


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