Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time Keeps on Slippin'

When, on a daily basis, you have as many kids as I have, free time is rare.  It doesn't happen often, and even if it does, it is usually interrupted by someone yelling that their toy was taken away, that they were hit, or that they need to go peepee.

That is the reason I am a little selfish about my free time.  I'm down right snobbish about it, in fact.  During the day, nap time is the only time my house is quiet and I have time to think.  This is usually the time I catch up on reading my favorite blogs or knit.  I won't even answer the phone during nap time...I actually unplug the phone.  I hang this sign on the door so people won't ring my door bell and risk waking the little ones (and interrupting my alone time).  In the evening, my free time is after my own babies go to bed.  Sometimes Barb Wire Man goes to bed also, so its totally silent. This is my knitting time.

Then, I discovered......

Follow Me on Pinterest

I'm afraid I could spend more time on Pinterest than actually making the things I find on Pinterest.  Yesterday, I spent all of my free time looking at Pinterest.  I also spent some of the time that I was supposed to be cleaning looking at it.   I also looked at it while I was cooking supper.

There are just too many awesome ideas on there!  I am in love with Pinterest!  So, I have added a button over on the side of my blog, so you can follow me on Pinterest too!  

But, I better go.  The day care kiddos are here, so my morning writing time is up.  Have a blessed day everyone!


  1. I have never even gone on Pinterest..because I an afraid I won't ever get off! I still turn off my cell and don't answer the phone!!!

  2. Hi Emily,

    You asked about kefir on my blog...You can eat whole, organic yogurt instead. It doesn't have as many probiotics as kefir but it is still great for your gut. If you are ever in San Diego, stop by and I will give you some of my starter!



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