Friday, September 24, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday was not the best day of my life.  We will leave it at that. Nap time rolled around just about the time I thought things could not get any worse.  (I am a firm believer that God made babies to need naps just so mommies could be alone for even a few minutes!)  I sat down, wrote yesterdays post, and enjoyed some tea, wondering what it would take to have one day to do nothing but sit with my feet up.  I heard a little voice from another room alerting me that nap time was over, then it happened.

The Toe.

We recently got a new bed, and like any good husband would do, mine stacked the old mattresses against the wall instead of removing them from our room.  We have about a foot wide walk way now.  I was calmly (let me say it again...CALMLY) walking when I hit my foot on the corner of the dresser.  You know the pain when you stub your toe?  The kind that makes you start laugh crying and almost wet your pants?  Yeah, that's what it was.  Then I looked down. 

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure toes are NOT supposed to point outward from the side of your foot.
Nor are they supposed to be blue.
Or so fat that you can't see your own toenail.

This morning, I was able to at least walk on my foot, but it was also a lovely shade of blue.  Have you ever tried to care for 5 children, ages 2, 20 months, 15 months, 15 months and 13 months with a broken toe?!  Seriously, there was a sign above my head saying:

please step on my toe!!!!!

And they obeyed. 

I was actually excited as I had something to write about today, so I walked into my bedroom.  Carefully and slowly.  Sat down in the chair. 

I hit my toe again.  Now, its back where it belongs.  I think?  Except now I have this funny looking bump where my toe meets my foot.  And I only THOUGHT it was swollen yesterday.

And now, I am sitting.  With my feet propped up.  "Can someone bring me my bonbons?  Where is the remote!?  Hello?  Someone needs to change the baby's diaper....anyone?  no?"

I need a good stiff drink, friends!

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  1. A good vodka and Dr. Pepper for you my friend! And you are so right about your hubby doing the same as any other caring husband would do by not taking out the other mattress (thanks for making me smile on that one!).


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