Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Weather!

The weather on the first full day of fall did not disappoint in the Texas Panhandle!   It rained all night.  It was raining when I woke up this morning.  It rained until nearly 11:00 this morning!  Its still just barely in the 70's.  I for one love weather like this!  I don't have to use my air conditioner, just throw open the windows.  (Oh, did I mention the wind is also blowing about 25 miles an hour too?) 

My husband is not too thrilled about this type of weather.  He does love the rain, and we needed it.  Badly.  But when your job is to go out into a plowed field and load broken down John Deere trailers onto a flatbed on the back of a semi-truck, I can see where you might not like the rain. 

 I know a few kiddos who aren't too pleased with the rain, either.  That is my son, throwing a fit since he cannot go outside.  He loves it there.  As Sophie (one of my daycare kids) said "We can still go owside Emmy.  We just have to put our wain coats, and boots and hats and un-bur-ullos on den we can go get into allllllllll da puddles."  And for a second a thought about it.  Then my son hit me in the head with a toy car and I snapped out of it.  Don't worry guys, the sun will be out after awhile, it will be hot (and humid) again and we can go play!  Some days, the joke about weather in the Texas Panhandle is no joke! (Guess God decided we needed our annual rainfall amount in one day today.)

What is there weather like where you are?  Rainy?  Nice? 

Think I will go make a cup of tea.  And knit.


  1. Today we actually had our first mild day!!! It was glorious. There are way too few autumn days in Houston (I think fall here is more like four non-consecutive days than a three-month season). i love the pic you took of Gunnar. seems like something i would do if i were a momma--take a pic of the crying child rather than try to unsuccessfully console the toddler, seeing as I can't control the weather anyway. :-) i am loving reading your posts!

  2. Oh he was throwing a big fit. Like you said...I grabbed the camera, took a pic. Then, I sent it to Mike and said "This is how your son acts during the day!" Then, I put him in the corner for an attitude adjustment. The other kids just stared at him like "damn, remind me not to act like that!"


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