Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Mother's Daughter

My mom, Pamela Ayers

My mom and I have always been very close.  Yes, there was a time during my teen years where she went through a dumb phase, and I just couldn't get through to her.  Miraculously, the older I got the more she came out of that phase.

OK, maybe it was me going through the phase.

I love her.  She taught me, and not just like most mothers teach, either.  She was actually my teacher from the 4th grade until I left high school, because we home schooled.  There were times I hated her being my teacher, like when we would spend hours...literally, hours...crying over Algebra.  There were also times when I was grateful for her being my teacher.  Like when we would spend hours crying over Algebra.  (But by gosh, I remember what I learned in Algebra!)

Frankly, not a good picture of either of  us, but you can see how alike we look.
Mom and I share many passions.  My children.  Classy women, like Audrey Hepburn.  Knitting.  Reading.  Hot Tea.  The list goes on and on.  I'm a spitting image of my mom, and people still to this day confuse us for sisters.  I wouldn't choose another person to look like or be like.  Except for maybe Audrey Hepburn.

So, my birthday is coming up soon (I'll be 28.  I'm telling you now, because as of my birthday next year I will forever remain 29.  Just like my mom.), and my mom is going on vacation half way across the country.  Without me.  I think this is the first time I will not spend my birthday with her! 

I will add, here, that this is not the only reason I am bitter about this vacation of hers.  She is going to see a very dear friend of hers, who also had a huge impact on my life, and I get stuck here.   Dogsitting! 

Anyhow, she and my daddy came over last night to bring my birthday present.  My mom was about to bust at the seams for me to open my gift. 

Let me say here, that my mom doesn't give gifts just for the sake of giving a gift.  It always has a lot of thought behind it, and I treasure the things she has given me.  In fact, I still have a mini-book of Emily Dickinson poems easily accessible.  I just went to it, to see the date she gave it to me.  The inside cover reads "Emily, You and I may not always get along, because we're so much alike.  But, its because of that - because we rhyme - that we'll always be together.  Love forever, Mom.  10-4-92"  I was 10 years old (I think that is about the time she started being the obstinate person I was referring to in the first paragraph!)  Even her hand-writing is classy, don't you think?

My mom got me the most beautiful china tea service!  I have always wanted one.  Had I been there with her when she picked it out I would have chosen the exact same design.  She knows me all too well! 

I'm not a big believer in "special occasion dishes"; you know, the ones that only get pulled out for Christmas.  Maybe Thanksgiving.  We never know how many days we have left, so I like to use my special dishes every chance I get.  I'm also not stupid, and using this special set will not happen during my afternoon tea time (little hands, you know).  But they will be used for my evening tea before bed.

Considering the mug I was using before, I think this is much nicer, don 't you?  Oh, and in case you can't read it, it says "Ladies sewing and terrorist society".  I guess we have to loose some class every now and then.
Thank you momma!  I love it, and will treasure it until the day it becomes Mattie's.

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