Monday, July 15, 2013

Bananas, Bananas Everywhere!

By now, you know I am a cheapskate.  I really dislike spending money, even on things we need!  So the other day I ran to the store and found bananas on sale for super cheap (30 cents per pound!), so I bought about 7 pounds.  I really should have gotten more -I don't know why I didn't! I knew there was no way my family would eat that many bananas before they went bad, but I bought them with the intention of dehydrating them.

Flower loves banana chips.  I have to make her stop eating them, but, at least they are healthy!  Little Man likes them occasionally.  Barb Wire Man doesn't love them, but I still like to keep them around.  When I make him trail mix to take in the semi, I can toss a few in there.  I can at least try to get him to eat healthy!

Early Saturday morning, Little Man and I started getting them ready.  He really doesn't care for fresh bananas as a snack, he just loves to peel them, so that was his job.  Who would have thought that giving a little boy 7 pounds of bananas to peel would keep him entertain for an hour?!  I sliced them up and put them on the dehydrator racks, sprinkled them with cinnamon, then turned on the machine.

I figured they would be finished by bedtime.

Here is is, nearly 9:00 in the morning on Sunday, and they are still not finished.  Good grief...what's the deal with these bananas!?  I still have 4 pounds of apples to turn into apple chips!

At least the house smells delicious!  What is your favorite thing to do make with bananas?

 Be blessed today

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