Monday, May 23, 2011

The Circle of Life

What a crazy weekend this was.  One of those where you feel like you need a weekend to recover from the weekend.  We spent a great day as a family on Saturday, attending the wedding of a friend.  Barb Wire Man's parents, and his brother and his wife were all there, so it was a mini family reunion!  We didn't get back home until about 1:30 that night, so we were exhausted! 

Sunday was such a lounge day.  I admit, I didn't get to church.  I wasn't feeling too swell, and didn't get much sleep, so we just stayed home.  I was already laying down for a nap at 11:30!  The kids spent the entire afternoon playing outside in the backyard with our dogs.  By the time they came in, they were hot, sweaty and covered with dirt and grime.  But they had fun!  

Poor little Flower got a front row seat to some of nature's most precious, and most disgusting, shows.  I looked out the window, and saw a little birdie hopping around in the back yard.  Not a baby bird, but it wasn't flying due to a damaged wing.  Tank, our big Rottweiler was chasing it around, no doubt thinking it would taste pretty good.  Flower came running in begging me to come help the little thing.  Unfortunately, while I was in the process of putting my gloves on, Tank ate the bird.  Not completely, but he certainly killed it deader than a doornail.  Flower was devastated.  And by devastated, I mean sitting on the grass with her face buried in her hands, sobbing.  She finally stood up, walked over to Tank and starting kicking the poor dog.  "HOW DARE YOU BITE A POOR BABY BIRD YOU BIG BULLY!  I DON'T LIKE YOU ANYMORE AND I HOPE YOU RUN AWAY FOR GOOD!"  Like any good mom, I stopped my laughing long enough to explain to her that hurting Tank because he hurt the bird was no way to act.  I explained that is just how nature works.

She went about her playing, then I suddenly heard "OH MY GOSH MAMA YOU HAVE TO COME OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!"  Now, Flower knows not to scream at me like that when they are playing outside.  If she screams, some one's arm better be broken.  I went rushing out, and she was jumping up and down, squealing "OUR BABY BIRDIES HATCHED MAMA!!!!"  (By the way, Mattie has two volumes; loud and off.  We rarely hear the "off" part.)

Sure enough, our dove's eggs hatched!  She was so happy!  Flower heard the eggs cracking and stood there watching as the little things came out.  How often is it that you see the cruel side of nature, and the most beautiful side all in one day...especially when you are 7!?  

It is a little hard to see, but mama dove didn't want me getting too close.  I don't blame her, I'm pretty protective of my little chicks, too.  But that little yellowish spot there under her?  Those are her two chicks! Hopefully we will get some more pictures of them as they grow, unless she starts attacking me when I take pictures.  And if that stupid dog eats them, we may have to get rid of him.  He's walking on thin ice with Flower as it is!

Flower also gets a special treat today!  Since there is no school on her birthday, I am going up today with some cupcakes to share with her class.  She doesn't know it, yet, but someone will be delivering a big balloon bouquet to her classroom, especially for her!  So, I better get ready to take myself to the school! 

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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