Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Isn't that the song most kids sing?  "Rain, rain, go away!  Come again another day!"

Not us!  We are washing cars, cleaning carpets, watering lawns, and doing rain dances hoping it will rain.

This drought is just absolutely ridiculous.  Even little Flower, at age  7  8 ends each prayer with "And please send rain Jesus!!"

Its bad when even the kids realize just how dry it is.  Flower told me the other day it isn't even fun to play outside because the dirt is so hard she can't dig in it!

We have recorded only .77 inch of rain since January, the last snow storm was....I don't even remember.  The sad part?  This is supposed to be our rainiest season of the year, and we should just now be getting into the dry season.  Fires are popping up everywhere.  The crops aren't getting rain.  The grass isn't growing, so cattle can't range.

I've heard they are predicting between the massive drought here, and the massive flooding of the Mississippi there could be food shortages!?  Wow.  Too bad we can't ship all that water from the Delta over to Texas!

So please pray for rain for Texas!  Like the weather man said, "We are so dry, even the lizards need lotion!"

2 days til school is out for the summer!!


  1. I hear yah on the rain! Austin was telling me about the shortages the other day. Its pretty scary, I almost want to hoard food for when the shortages start affecting us! It also makes other things difficult in my marriage!

  2. Actually, I do stockpile some Ashley, but no where near as much as most of my family does!


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