Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Lord!

That was my first thought when I saw this picture.  Yep.  Someone got a hold of Mama's camera.  Again.  I haven't even gone through all of them yet, but I am about to.  And you get to see!

Awesome.  Way to get a pic of mom with her hair perfectly coiffed,  and make-up on!

Now I know the real reason the dogs are always out of water.

Our baby bird has really grown!

Is it any wonder I have to clean the tub constantly?

Awww!  Too bad Brother's face is cut off....

Well, hello there.

Destined to be one of my favorites!  I love kid-feet pictures!

Roly Poly, anyone?

About 80% of her pictures are either super blurry, or, of herself flashing a peace sign.  But some of those pictures up above are really great.  I dare say some will be framed.  But I saved the best for last.  It made having to wade through and delete hundreds of pictures worth it.

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  1. Love it!! Kids always get some of the best pictures :)


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