Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Lovely Lace Pattern!

I've been neglecting my blogly duties again.  Partly because I'm still trying to figure out a good schedule for the summer, now that it is just the kids and myself.  But, the main reason is because I found a new lace pattern I love. 

Today, I am going to share my pattern for a Matinée Lace Sachet.  I have never posted an original pattern here, because I never write them down.  The real reason all of my things are one-of-a-kind is because I end up "making it up" as I go, and don't remember from one time to the next what I did!  But this pattern is too easy to forget.  The only reason this might possibly be considered an intermediate level pattern is due to the tiny needles, and lightweight thread used.

Quite romantic, don't you think?

You will need:
Size 1 Needles (toothpicks work well, too!)
Fine Crochet Thread (I used Red Heart, 100% Mercerized Cotton in Natural color) 
small length of ribbon
potpourri of your choice

Lace Repeat, Multiple of 8 plus 1
Row 1: K1, *k2tog, k1, (yo, k1, yo, k1) twice, k2tbl, k1*  (repeat from * to end of row)
Row 2: purl (WS)

(See?  That isn't too hard to remember!)

Knitted Matinée Lace Sachet
CO 33 stitches, leaving at least a 12 inch tail
Set up row:  purl across
Rows 1-4: work lace repeat, end by working a WS row
Row 5: k1, *yo, k2tog* Repeat from * to end of row  (This will be your eyelet row for weaving ribbon tie)
Row 6: purl
Row 7: Work row 1 of Lace Repeat
Row 8: Work row 2 of Lace Repeat
Continue Rows 7-8 until piece measures approximately 6.5 inches from cast on edge, finish by working a WS row.  It is more important to end by working a WS row than for piece to be exactly 6.5 inches long.
Continue as follows:
Row 1: k1, *yo, k1*, repeat from * to end of row  (RS)  (This is also an eyelet edging for ribbon tie)
Row 2: purl
Row 3-6 work Lace Repeat, beginning with RS 
Row 7: CO purlwise, leaving a 12 inch tail

Your finished piece should look about like this:
One very important step in this project is blocking.  The pattern is hard to see if you don't, and looks unfinished.  To block, wet piece thoroughly.  Pin edges down so that piece measures approximately 8 inches long by 4 inches wide, and allow to stay there until completely dry.  I pin my things to my ironing board, and it looks like this:

Once piece is completely dry, remove pins.  Thread one of the long tails through a tapestry needle.  Fold piece in half "hamburger style", with WS facing out, and sew edge.  Repeat on the other side.  Once finished, weave in ends, trim, turn right-side-out, and this is what you should have:

Now, all that is left is weaving ribbon through the top eyelet row, filling with your favorite scent, and tying the ribbon in a pretty bow.  Pretty simple, huh?!  And honestly, this pattern could be much simpler if you knit in the round.  However, I would rather stop knitting all together than to knit with double-pointed needles, so sewing up the sides is a small price for me to pay.

I think this pattern is just beautiful.  I think, in fact, that I see a pair of fingerless gloves in this same color and pattern in my near future.  (OK, so the fingerless gloves are already on my needles, waiting for me to finish writing this so I can get back to knitting.)  The pattern, the color, and the cotton seems so romantic, so vintage, so lady-like.  I can imagine the gloves would look perfect on Josephine Marsh!  (Hopefully you know who I am talking about.  If not, I'm sad for you.)

This really is my first attempt at putting one of my own patterns onto "paper", so if you see something that isn't working right, or you have questions, feel free to let me know!  Have fun knitting your lace!  Be blessed!

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