Thursday, June 30, 2011

Please Welcome...

The running joke in our family is that any time I want a baby, Barb Wire Man buys me a new dog.  So, just about every two years we add a member to our family.

Our first Christmas together, Flower was two years old, and I was really feeling the need to be a mommy again.
Poor Miss Remi.  She really needs a haircut!

So we he bought me an adorable little Schnauzer we named Remington.  Yes, Remington as in a gun.  Remi is a spoiled little dog, and queen of the house.  Mike and I both had schnauzers growing up, so we new we loved them.

About two years later, my biological clock started ticking again.  Flower was 4 at this point, and I wanted another baby so bad, I was certain I couldn't wait anymore.

And that is when Tank entered the picture.  Tank is a Rottweiler.  We love Remi, but were ready for a dog who would help protect the house.  Our families weren't too thrilled with us getting such a "dangerous" dog, but we are firm believers that it is all in how you raise them.  Despite looking the part of a huge mean guard dog, and barking like he will eat anything that moves, Tank is a big ol' pansy.  He loves playing with the kids, and the kids love him.  He has a few health issues, as many Rotts do,  so he mostly lays around in the backyard.  But he sure is a good dog.
It really disgusts me when Flower lets the dogs kiss her...

Skip ahead another couple of years.  I finally put my foot down.  I told Barb Wire Man I never wanted another Dog.  I would settle only for a baby!  Flower was almost 6, and it was high time for another little one.  Barb Wire Man said he would think about it.  Apparently, All Barb Wire Man has to do is think about getting me pregnant, wink, and it happens, and 9 months later, Little Man appeared!

And now, here we are.  Little Man is 2 and a half, and guess what. While I am not sure I really want another baby, I'm not sure if I don't want another one.  Barb Wire Man is certain he doesn't want anymore.  SO history is repeating itself!  Barb Wire Man called yesterday to let me know a man had some American Boxers  for sale.  We went and looked at them, and oh - my - gosh!  They were so freakin' adorable!  Little Man fell in love with every one of them.  We finally settled on this little dude:

Little Dude here is an American Bulldog, just like Petey on The Little Rascals.  He is all white, except for his right eye, a tiny brown speck on his left ear, and lots of brown freckles on his tummy.  If he grows up to look anything like his daddy, he is going to be one heckuva big dog.  He is still at "The Sleepy Little Puppy" stage, but when he does play, he seems to prefer toes.  And Mike's Boxers (maybe it is because he is a boxer?).  He also likes Little Man's toys, but he doesn't share well.

Our first night went pretty well!  We gated him in my laundry room.  He cried for a bit, but I went in and told him "NO!" three separate times, and he stopped!  He woke up crying again about 2 AM, but I repeated the same thing I had done earlier.  He stopped, and went right back to sleep.  Not even a poop or pee mess to clean up!  As I sit here typing this, he is playing on my bed with Little Man.  This dog has some gas.

Little Man is really enjoying him, and the puppy seems to be enjoying it as well.  Remi, doesn't much care for him.  He wants to play, and Remi just wants to be left the heck alone.  Tank isn't too sure of him, yet.  He doesn't dislike him, but I am not sure he really likes him either.  But we still have to find a name for him!  Both my other dogs are name after some type of weapon....Tank...Remington.  My son's real name is Gunnar.  So, I think we should stick with the theme here.  I'm thinking he looks like a Ruger.  Barb Wire Man has suggested "Chester" (for Winchester) and "Scud" (as in SCUD Missile".  He also suggested Frank, to which I said "Uhhhhh, no."  "Browning is another name, which my dear friend suggested.  Also another weapon maker, and fits great with his one brown eye.  Barb Wire Man just suggested "Dozer" to me, as in Bull Dozer, which goes somewhat with Tank.

Any suggestions?!

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Now if you will excuse me, I must go keep an eye on this puppy!


  1. OOPS! Had to make a correction! He is NOT an American Boxer, as Barb Wire Man informed me there is no such thing. He is, in fact, an American Bulldog!!

  2. Aww, he's so cute!! I want a bulldog!


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