Friday, June 24, 2011


I've allowed myself to neglect my blog again.  I really hate when I do that, but some things just have to come first.  But this morning I was able to get in a shower, most of the laundry done, and even a not-so-quiet time pretty early, so I have time to write! What is a not-so-quiet time?!  That is what happens when one sits down in the quiet to pray and read the Bible.  But instead, your kids wake up, jump on your lap, and are ready to play!  So, they usually sit there with me as I read, talking.  I actually like it better this way, though.  My kids are a blessing from God, so hearing their sweet voices is just a reminder of how blessed I am.  Also, as parents, we lead by example.  My kids seeing me having a devotional time every morning and seeing me live my faith speaks greater volumes to them than just telling them what they should do.

Last weekend I took Flower to the airport to meet up with her step-mom.  She was flying back to South Carolina with her to spend a few weeks with the other side of her family.
Walking into the airport, all smiles!

She was excited, scared, and apprehensive all at the same time.  As was I.  Flower hasn't ever been that far from us, and it was her first time flying.
Apprehension setting in....

I'm thankful I have a good relationship with Flower's step-mom, though, as that made it much easier to see her walk away from me in the airport.
Flower standing in line with her step-mom

I knew she would be well taken care of, but I did shed a few tears!  You know I always try to look at the positive side of everything.
Last picture I could snap of Flower.  My favorite part is where the sign says "No Joking".  It made me really want to make a joke.

The only thing positive I can find about Flower being gone is the drastic decrease in laundry.  Why is it that eight year old little girls feel the need to change clothes 6 times a day?  And "forget" to re-hang what is still clean?  I guess its just easier to toss it on the wash room floor and let Mama deal with it.

It is hardest on Little Man, though.  Flower is his best friend, and they play together for hours on end.  Now, with all the daycare kids gone for the summer, and "tah-tee" (that's sister in his language) gone for three weeks, all he has is Mama and Daddy!
Little Man playing in the sprinkler with his "girl-friend".

We have gone swimming with friends a couple times, and played in the sprinkler.  Daddy comes home from work and plays wrestle with him on the floor.  But he still walks around the house occasionally yelling "Tah-tee, er war you? Es play tah-tee!"  Breaks my heart!

I visited my grandparents on the same Saturday that I dropped Flower off.  Unfortunately, my grandfather is quite ill.  He is in his 80's, so we are all prepared for the fact that he will not make it much longer.  I felt like I was visiting him just to say "goodbye".  Its difficult knowing that you most likely won't be able to see someone you love again.  I've had grandparents very suddenly taken from me though, as well, so I am thankful that I was able to see him.

I am excited about next month for 13 Plum Knitting!  It will be July, and I will be apart of a huge "Christmas in July" promotion on Etsy!  I will be adding something new to my shop almost every day in July!  Many of the things going up are going to be great stocking stuffers, and most things will be $10 and under!  If you are like me, and start your Christmas shopping in January, (no, really, I do.) then you need to visit Etsy next month.  There will be some really neat things!  I still have everything on sale for 15% off, if you use the coupon code CRAFTSHOW when you check out.  I've also added some custom order options.

It is time to go hang out some laundry before it hits 120 degrees.  Alright, it won't hit 120, but the high today is supposed to be 108.  Once it gets that hot, it might as well be 120.  (The bright side to how dry it is here is at least it isn't un-godly humid out.  I can't imagine how hot it would feel with all that humidty.)

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!  Be blessed!

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