Monday, June 13, 2011

What to Write?

No, seriously.  Since I woke up today, I have been trying to find something that would inspire a wonderful blog post.  I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with something interesting, intriguing, funny...anything to write about, and I just haven't.  Its been a pretty mundane day today, which, in one way, is a good thing!  I've had a few ideas, but none interesting enough to make up an entire post, so, I will just share with you those single thoughts!

Our baby bird has flown off.  I am not sure when, but he is gone.  Flower was quite sad when she realized he had flown away (empty nest syndrome?!), but was quickly relieved to find her new pet: a frog she named Frogarilla.  Poor Frogarilla.  She has been trapped between two aluminum dog food blows filled with water, leaves, grass, and any bug Flower can catch to feed her.  I rescued her once, only for Flower to find her again.  

I miss riding on the Harley with my husband.  I'm hoping soon to talk my parents into keeping the kids one weekend so he and I can spend some time together on the bike!

My little Flower is going to see her dad soon in South Carolina.  I am excited for her to get to see her family, and apart of America that she has yet to see.  And while I know she will be wonderfully cared for while she is there, I am still worried as can be!  She hasn't ever been this far from me, but I know she is in good hands.  Barb Wire Man told me to get over it, that she will be fine and have a good time.  I know he is right, but as a Mama, I just can't help but worry.

Oh yes!  I found a new knitting pattern I love that is super fast, super cute, and totally usable.  So fast that I knit up a whole set of them in one day, and just listed them over at 13 Plum Knitting!  I'd love for you to stop by and take a look!  I still have my 15% off sale, and it includes everything in my shop.  Even new listings.  Just use the coupon code CRAFTSHOW when you are checking out!

Have a great day everyone, and be blessed!

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