Friday, November 11, 2011

Its Friday People!

Here comes the weekend! 

First of all today, thank you, thank you, thank you to all the Veterans out there.  If it weren't for our Vets, we wouldn't have the freedom to get on our blogs each day and rant, rave, and write about whatever we so chose.  There are numerous other things we wouldn't be able to do, either.  So, to my many family members and friends who have served, and are still serving, thank you!

My in-laws will be here tomorrow to help celebrate Barb Wire Man's birthday on Sunday!  The house is clean, my kids are napping, I've gotten some new items listed on Etsy and Facebook, and I'm feeling quite accomplished today.  Tomorrow, I'll be baking a cherry cheesecake for the Mister.  

I'm going to take a few minutes and do a little shameless self promotion.  Check out what I just added to my shop:

Sorry about getting my mug in there, too.  I was the only one here to take a picture, so I was forced to work with what I had!  Anyhow, this is a pistachio green scarflette with a big, brown button.  I love this thing...seriously.  I'm almost secretly hoping it doesn't sell soon, just so I can claim it for myself!  But, honestly, if you do like it and want it, I'll sell it.  I can always make another for myself! thing I always forget is to tell you guys all the different ways to keep up on what is going on in my life, and business.  Soo....
You can like me on Facebook. (I like when people like me!)
You can follow me on Twitter. (I'm a leader.)
You can Heart my shop on Etsy. (Aw!)
And, you can follow my sweet little Blog that get neglected far too often.

I'm going to go enjoy my clean, quiet house for just a few minutes before the little ones wake up from the nap.   Looks like I might have just enough time to make a cup of tea and sit down before one of them wake up!  

Have a wonderful day today, and be blessed!

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