Thursday, November 17, 2011

Out-smartin' the Substitute

Parenthood is a joyful thing.  It is also so incredibly stressful!

Yesterday, Flower's parent/teacher conference went great!  Her teacher went on about what a helpful, smart little girl she is.  I, of course, already knew that!  She then went on to tell me about how well behaved she was, and how well she listened and obeyed.  At this point, I asked if we were talking about the same child!  

It does make me happy to know that she responds so well to her teacher!  Her grades are amazing, and she is reading far beyond what a kiddo her age is expected to read.  

Then, I found out that she lied to her sub, and left school a few minutes early without anyone knowing!

The story is quite amusing.  And to be honest, if it was someone else's child, I would have thought it was the funniest dang thing I had heard in awhile.  Part of me was quite impressed with the smoothness with which she was able to pull this off.  Then the parent part kicked in.

I talked with the principal who himself was appalled that she was able to do this.  I assured him that she would be disciplined at home.  He assured me that she would be visiting his office today.

This morning, Flower had a "stomach ache", a "head ache", and a "sore foot".  She "forgot" to get herself completely ready for school.  She tired everything she could think of to keep from having to go to school this morning.  

Its great having a smart child.  Flower is so smart, and catches on to things so easily.  The problem is, she is just too smart for her age.  Too smart for her own good!  I can't imagine what her teen years are going to be like!

Be blessed everyone! 

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