Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Rest For The Weary

Yes, I have been MIA.  But, let me show you a little of what I have been doing lately!  It has been a little crazy at my house!

I've been knitting neck cowls.  I have had so many orders for these, so luckily they knit up pretty quick!  Plus, I have a craft show coming up.  I'd like to make sure I have plenty on hand!

I've been knitting IPod and cell phone holders like crazy, too!  I've had a lot of order for these too, because they make such great stocking stuffers.  I'm sure the fact that they are only $5 helps too!  I also have some kindle, and other tablet-type electronic covers in the works!

Wrist warmers.  I've made several pair of these, because they are just so darn cool.  Functional, too!  This green pair sold within 10 minutes of my posting them, so that made me happy!  I've got several other pair ready to go out, too, I just haven't had time to get pictures yet!

Baby blankets.  Everyone I know, except for me, seems to be having babies lately!  This is one of my favorites!  I don't have a picture of my absolute favorite....oh well!

But, here is the real reason I have been off the computer so much.....

My mom's 50th  29th birthday was on November 3rd.  My dad, aunt, sister and I planned a surprise party for her!  Honestly, I had no idea it would take as much time and energy as it did, but every bit of it was worth it!  
My cousin, me, my aunt, and my sister  Just noticed every one of us has the same smile!

My mom's brother drove down from Colorado, my cousin drove up from San Antonio, and several friends drove long distances just to come to mom's party.  I was so pleased with the way it turned out!  By the end of the party, I was so tired I could barely stand up! 

My great-uncle, my aunt, my mama, and my uncle.

But, the absolute best part of the entire party was after everyone went home.  It was just, dad, two cousins, aunt, uncle, my kids, Barb Wire Man and me.  We took all the helium balloons down, and proceed to suck the helium out of them.  We took turns reciting famous quotes and speeches in tiny little squirrel voices, and I swear, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!  

I know my mom had a great time, and was completely surprised.  I'm so thankful for my Mama, and am so happy we were able to treat her to a special day.  Hopefully, I will be able to get back on this blog a little more often!

Have a great day blessed!

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