Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day of the Beer

Remember I told you I found a list of some pretty crazy holidays?  Well, here is one that will raise your eyebrows.

Today is National Beer Can Day!  To celebrate, you will need to grab a can of beer, drink it down, and BOOM!  You have a beer can!

Seriously, though who comes up with these holidays?  And do they get paid for it?  (Because that sounds like not so bad a job.  I could come up with some good ones.)

Personally, when we finish a beer, it better go straight into the trash can.  I hate picking up dead beer cans the next morning!  If you are feeling crafty, you could make a few things out of those beer cans.  Because, the only thing better than beer is recycling.  Seriously!  If you aren't the crafty type, just head over to Etsy!

From Redneck Traysures on Etsy

I got one of these motorcycles for Barb Wire Man last year!  LOVE IT!  And be sure to read the descriptions and such....true southern!

From Rehabulous on Etsy

Candles!  Why didn't I think of this?!

From Pop Can Aviation on Etsy

Model airplanes!

While you are over at Etsy, please stop by my shop, 13 Plum Knitting!  I'd love if you "liked" my facebook page, too, and I am even on Twitter!

Be blessed today!  Now, if you will excuse me, I think I need a beer!

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