Monday, January 14, 2013

Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

I found the greatest list of holidays: common holidays, strange holidays, little known holidays, and holidays that make you raise your eyebrows and say "WTF?!?!?!"

I thought I'd use that as the basis for a few posts, and use it as a way to showcase some really great Etsy sites!

Yesterday, January 13, was National Rubber Ducky Day.  Or, as Little Man calls it, rucker ducker.  
From With Love Boutique on Etsy

I'm left wondering who in the heck came up with Rubber Ducky Day.  Bert and Ernie?  But really, where would be without the rubber ducky?
From Mad Monkey Knits on Etsy!

Sitting in a bath tub, all sad because we had no rubber ducky to play with.

No rubber ducky races for fundraisers.
From We Bring The Party on Etsy! 

No more...yeah....I can't..  I just can't come up with anymore.
From Ashito of Etsy! 

Doesn't matter.  Rubber Duckies are cool, obviously.  Check out these awesome Etsy shops, and go give your rubber ducky some love!!  (And check out 13 Plum Knitting, too!)  

Be Blessed! 


  1. The code is PLUM10 Thanks!

  2. Cool! Rubber Ducky Day. I had no idea! =0) It makes for a great blog post prompt, because these are all really fun ducky finds.
    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I'm now a new GFC follower, and would love for you to join the Meet & Greet hop too.

  3. Thanks! I will sure check out the blog hop!!


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