Thursday, January 10, 2013

Valentine Gifts!

How is everyone's new year so far!?  It didn't take long for us to get back into the swing of things.  Flower was excited to get back to school on Monday, and popped out of bed bright and cheery.  She had her bed made, breakfast eaten, and was completely ready for school 30 minutes ahead of schedule!  On Tuesday, I darn near had to use a pry bar to get her out of bed!

The daycare is back in full swing, too!  Little Man was glad to have all his friends back, but we will miss the days of just Mama, sister and brother!  I'm blessed enough to have all the same vacation days as the school kids and teachers, since all my daycare mamas are teachers.  The hard part is going that long without a paycheck.  Certainly makes things tight, and gives new meaning to trusting in God's provision!  But, it always works out.

Over the break, I finished up three baby sets for a friend out in South Carolina.  She will be giving the sets to some new mamas who are going through a rough patch, so I hope they will bring a little bit of sunshine into their lives.  I also finished knitting an infinity scarf for Barb Wire Man's grandmother, Nena.  I still need to block it, and sew the ends together, but just the color alone I think is gorgeous!  Once I get it blocked, I will post pictures!

I'm making Barb Wire Man's aunt one also, but it is in a beautiful black, gray and white yarn.  This yarn is divine to work with.  I'm sick about it, though.  I got about 1/4 way through it, then discovered that I had slipped a stitch, just a few inches from the beginning.  I ended up having to frog (rip out) the ENTIRE thing.  I nearly cried, but, today I start it all over again!

I'm excited, too, because there is going to be enough yarn from each of those projects to make some other things with!  I think I see a head covering for myself, and I might even be able to squeak out another infinity scarf!

I'm terrible at remembering holidays other than Christmas and Thanksgiving, but as I was on Etsy today I realized it is getting close to Valentines day!  Around our house, we don't really do much to celebrate the day.  One reason is we just don't like spending money on things we don't really need.  Barb Wire Man doesn't like to send flowers, because he thinks it is silly to express one's undying love by sending flowers that, well, die.  I thought though that I might search and see what cute gifts I could find for the kids, and I came up with some super cute stuff!

I know Flower would love this cross from Nail Crosses!  And really, there is no other love as worthy of celebration as the love Christ has for us.  What a great way to talk with our children about the greatest of all loves!

A bracelet to go with the new necklace maybe?  I love this little charm bracelet full of hearts from Linda's Original Jewels.

Flower loves to teach Little Man to play new games.  She is so patient with him, and he learns things faster from her than from me!  This heart shaped tic-tac-toe game from Twins and Crafts would be a great opportunity for them to learn and play together!

I won't lie...finding things for boys is so much harder than finding things for girls.  Doesn't matter if it is clothes or gifts!  These little gift bags from Black Crow Craft arrrrrr too cute! (Sorry, couldn't help it!)  Little Man loves anything pirate!

But, the only thing Little Man loves more than pirates is super heroes.  At this moment in his life, there is nothing cooler than playing with super heroes, or pretending to be super heroes.  These capes from Just Kidn Designs would be perfect for Little Man!

If Barb Wire Man would carry a bag (which he won't), I would so totally get this bag, from Invisible Crown, for him.  Back when he and I were just barely dating, he was sitting on the porch with my dad.  I walked up, with Flower, after a long day of work and my dad said "You should go make this boy a sandwich.  He's been at work all day and he is hungry!"  Would you believe I actually went in and made the boy a sandwich!?

Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?  Maybe I should start something at our house, and I would love some ideas!


  1. Hi Emily, thank you so much for featuring my Valentine tic tac toe : )

  2. Hi Emily,

    Great blog, I can sure identify! Thank you very much for including my bracelet!



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