Friday, January 11, 2013

Writing - Therapy for the Soul

I love to write.  I don't mean write, like, when I write a blog post, either.  I love to write things out by hand, and I am super picky about my handwriting.  I get compliments often on my handwriting, and, even if it is just a to do list, I will write it 50 times until it looks perfect.

I love finding the perfect pen, and I will use it until it completely runs out of ink. Then, I mourn the loss of my beloved pen as I set out to find my next perfect penmanship tool.
This pen, from OConner Wooden Pens on Etsy, is beyond beautiful.

I love writing on beautiful paper.  I love writing on post it notes.  I love the way writing feels, both physically and emotionally.  Don't laugh.  Some of you know exactly what I mean!  It is therapeutic.

I don't think there is anything more exciting than getting a hand-written letter in the mail from a friend.  I have saved nearly every letter my friends have written me since before I was in high school, and I love going back and reading them.
I love trees...get this note cards at The Ink Lab on Etsy! 

I would rather write something out, by hand, any day as to type it.  Something about physically putting my thoughts onto a piece of paper or a journal is calming, and rewarding.
Get this beautiful journal at Crimson Hollow on Etsy!

I found out today that January 8-14 is National Letter Writing week.  Take a minute to check out some of these lovely Etsy shops that have everything  you need to write the perfect letter, then start writing!  Everyone loves to get letters!

Be blessed today!


  1. The lost art of letter writing...

    I still write to one person, but not often. When I had several elders that I wrote to, I typed it out and copy and pasted the "meat" into the potatoes on their letters. Of course, I used script font! LOL

    People are always delighted to get a handwritten envelope and note or letter.

    I am the same way with pens. I find a favorite and use it until it is all gone. Then I wonder...will I ever find another like that???


  2. I understand, truly I do. There is something about handwriting that is truly theraputic. And the perfect pen is a must. Right now mine is out of commission because I can't find the perfect refill. So sad. I had to beg for that pen, and now I can't use it. Boo Hoo! Hopefully I'll find a refill soon.


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