Monday, September 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 7

What were your favorite childhood toys?

Oh, well this one is easy!

When I was forced by nature to stay inside, I played with Barbies, or read.

But I spent most of my childhood playing outside.  I loved being outside then, and I still love it!  I rode the wheels off my bikes, and my roller skates.  And yes, they were actual roller skates until I was in high school!

I had a very active imagination, as I do now, and could make a toy out of anything.  Got a stick, a some water and a hole in the ground?  Poof....all the makings to pretend like I was some pioneer out in the wide open spaces.  Just ask my sister!

What were some of your favorite toys?


  1. I made a car for my Cabbage Patch Doll, Gabby Grace, out of foil and a box. She even had windshield wipers. I remember putting play-doh in baby food jars to pretend like she had food. Peas were fun to make! Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane for a moment!

  2. Oh yes....scooter and Barbie....but also loved playing tennis up against the side wall of the house...the boing,boing drove Mum crazy...and quite often the ball went over the side fence into the crazy old lady next doors house and you had to sneak over the fence to retrieve it.


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