Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day Two

Day Two: Where I'd like to be in ten years?

I think I'd like to be in a retirement village, where I could pay to have someone do everything for me.

No, seriously, 10 years is an awful long way away.
Flower will be 18.
Little Man will be almost 13.
Barb Wire Man will be (hehe) almost 43.
I will be....ohmalawd, 39.

Hopefully, I will be watching my oldest start her college career, while getting my youngest ready for middle school.
I'd love to have a house out in the country, where Barb Wire Man and I could sit on the front porch in the evenings and talk in the quiet without the noise of loud, drunk, neighbors who trash their yard.
I would love to see Barb Wire Man have fulfilled his dream of owning his own Peterbilt, and maybe even get to travel with him some!
I'd want exactly what I want now: for my family to walk in a relationship with the Lord, and to serve Him.

I'm quite a content person.  I can be happy in just about any situation.  But truly, as long as my children are healthy, my husband is healthy, I'm healthy, then all will be well!

And, speaking of healthy, I can finally say that all these years, my weird stomach pains were not in my head!  And to all the doctors who told my mom I had gas or were wrong!  I do have gallbladder problems, just as I suspected.  I think there is more going on, but we are going to take one thing at a time.  Looks like I'll be going in for surgery soon!

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  1. Good luck with your surgery!! And put me down for a nice country house too :)


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