Thursday, October 27, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 25

We woke up to a nice, cold surprise this morning!  

SNOW!  A cold front was expected to blow through, and they had predicted 1-3 inches for our area.  We didn't really expect it to do anything, though, because half the time the meteorologists are wrong.  In their defense, though, predicting the weather here is like trying to predict whether or not the cowboys are going to be a good team next year, when the end of the world will be, or what color to bet on in Vegas.  Yesterday, I was wearing a t-shirt and sandals.  Anyhow, an hour ago, I heard that we had gotten 4 inches so far, and it is still snowing out there.  Its a really wet snow, and the leaves are all still on the trees.  It looks like the branches on some of the trees might snap off at any moment.  But, we will take moisture in any way that we can at this point, so praise God!

Today's 30 Day Challenge topic:  someone who fascinates me, and why?

Who commands my interest?  Who holds me spellbound?

Good question, but of all the people in the world, probably my grandmother that I so often write about on here.  

She was so "normal".  She wasn't extraordinary by most people's definition.  She wasn't flamboyant, and she would never have considered herself fascinating.  She never sought attention, and wasn't well educated according to the world's standards.

She was simple.  She was "just" a housewife.  She was full of wisdom.  

I've written about her several times on here, so today I'm not going into full detail.  (Mainly, because I'm having a wonderful morning and do not wish to cry my eyes out.)  But, even though she has been gone for 5 years, she still inspires me.  I'm like her in so many ways...then again, there are some things about me that are totally, totally different.  

Her life's story will always fascinate me.

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  1. Glad you are happy with the snow :-)

    I am not ready for winter. But we need the moisture too.

    Happy snowmen building!



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