Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Texas is dry.  At least the panhandle of Texas anyhow.  The last few years we have had precious little rain, but this year...WOW!  We have had so much rain lately.  God has really blessed us with several 1-2 inch rains!

Last night, Barb Wire Man and I had just laid down for bed when massive gusts of wind started blowing.  I mean, wind that was making our windows and walls creak.  74 miles per hour winds.  We knew a storm was blowing in, and it arrived right at bedtime.  We laid there, commenting on how crazy the wind sounded, then the rain started pounding down.  I made the comment "I love the sound of rain hitting the roof."  No sooner did I say that then the gentle sound of rain turned into the tinkling of hail.  Then, it got heavier and heavier, until we finally both got out of bed to see what it looked like outside.  Barb Wire Man said "Well, I hope you didn't really want your garden."  (I have had more problems with that garden this year...if it survives, I will be amazed.)  Finally the hail stopped.  I've yet to go out and check on my plants, but from the window they look OK.  Officially, we got nearly an inch and a half of rain, but we always seem to get more around our place.  Maybe this year 4th of July celebrations won't be cancelled due to drought!
This is the side lead side of a storm that was moving toward us, but was too far south the actually hit us.

The is the backside of a massive storm that was south of us.  The storms were moving south east, so  we didn't get any rain from this.  But this is a classic, beautiful Panhandle storm cloud.

Now, though, our prayers are for rain for Colorado and New Mexico.  We aren't really close to the fires in New Mexico, but we can still see the smoke.  The wind blows it our direction.  We've had a few days where the sun shone a funky brownish-yellow color.  The atmosphere is very strange on those days.  Unfortunately, I know what it is like when the fire is close by, though.  I have friends and mutual friends that are close to the fires, and my prayers are with them daily!

I really should get back to making some of my new baby items that I will have up for sale soon.  They aren't hard, but do take a little bit of time a patience for sure!  Here is a sneak peak:
Elastic baby headband, and elastic baby sandals!

At the moment, I am working on some really cute red/white/blue headbands and sandals for the Fourth of July!  Stay tuned for more pictures!!  Until then,  be blessed, and have a wonderful day!


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