Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yarn and Jelly

Yesterday was hot.  In the Texas panhandle, there are three seasons: Cold, Hot as Hell, and Windy.  We are quickly coming into the Hot as Hell season.

Yesterday was quite productive, and for that I'm thankful, but I didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted.  I did get the laundry done (and folded...wow!) I did get my garden weeded, which it desperately needed.  I did get some of my new items up on my Etsy site.

I did not get the apricot preserves made, but hopefully I will get that finished before noon today.  I also have to finish detangling yarn.....

My sweet, sweet Little Man decided he was going to be helpful the other day and move Mama's knitting for her.  He knows to be very careful with my knitting, so the stitches don't come off the needles, but he is not so careful with the yarn.  I don't want to cut the yarn, because that would require me to connect it while I am knitting, which I hate to do.  So for the last few days I have been working on getting my yarn back to normal.  I'm almost there, but what an annoyance!

A few of you have asked how I make my jellies, jams a preserves.  Today as I make the preserves, I will take some pictures, and in a few days will write about how I make them.  Really, it is much simpler than it sounds.  I think what intimidates most people is the preserving and canning process.  If done incorrectly, it can spoil and make a person sick.  But, as long as the steps are followed, all will be fine!

Just a few of the cannings I've made: apricot preserves, jalapeno jelly, strawberry  jam, peach cobbler preserves, and grape jelly.

I attempted to run last night, and it didn't go too well.  I'm hoping I can avoid going to the doctor in fact.  Thursday night I step down wrong and rolled my ankle.  It didn't really hurt at all, and I even went running the next night with no problems.  I took Saturday and Sunday off from running because we had family in from out of town, and we went to see family.  My ankle felt like I had banged it against the wall and bruised it, but it was really more of an annoyance.  As long as I didn't touch it, it didn't hurt.  It didn't cause me any issues while walking, so I went ahead and ran last night.  I walked for a few minutes to warm up, then started my run.  About 5 steps into it, I felt my ankle turn inward, and felt a small pop.  Still, it didn't hurt too bad, so I kept pushing forward.  By my second lap in, I was almost in tears.  When I landed on my left foot, I felt like there was no support in my ankle.  It would wobble inward, as if it had trouble supporting me.  I limped around walking for a lap until it wasn't bothering me too much, then started my run back up.  The first time I put my ankle down on that lap, however, I nearly fell.  It was all I could do just to walk back to my car.  I came home and iced it, because I really do think it is just a sprain.  I'm pretty upset, though, because the Palo Duro Hot Dog Run is on July 14th...and I have already signed up to run it.  And I am determined to run run it.  There is another 10K and 5K here in town on July 21 that I intend to run as well.  So I think I will nurse it for a bit, then pick right back up.  Even if I have to limp through the Palo Duro Canyon, I will finish that race!

It sounds like a certain little boy needs mommy to re-build his race track, so I should go for now.  Any tips for nursing a sprained ankle while continuing to train for a run!?  I'd love to hear them!

Be blessed!

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