Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ok, so I have disappeared for awhile.  The fact is, I had to step back and realize that sometimes, I just can't do it all.  I know, some of you are really shocked, but, it is true.  So, let me catch you up a bit!

My life was/is/will forever be, dominated by my kids.  And not just my biological kids, either.  All my kids, which includes my day care littles, too.  The last few months have been spent playing pirates, hopping around like froggies, coloring, learning letters, and changing diapers.  I love it though, and wouldn't change it for the world!  At the moment, I feel a little lost, though.  Flower has gone to spend the summer with her dad and step-mom out in South Carolina, and all but one of my day littles are gone for the summer (since their moms are teachers).  So it is just me, Little Man, and one baby.  It. Is. So. Quiet.

I've been making jellies like a mad woman.  I've always loved to do that...it was something special my grandma and I always did together.  In a way, I feel like she is with me when I am making them.  I had put a facebook message out that I had jellies to sell, and took orders.  I had no idea it would be such a hit!  I think I made about 10 batches of strawberry jelly, 3 batches of jalapeno jelly, 3 batches of apricot preserves, 2 batches of grape jelly, a batch of blueberry peach jelly, and 2 batches of peach preserves!  And, I need to make more before the Summer Bash here in town, which is coming up on July 7th.  It was somewhat amusing, however, to see the faces of the people who bought the jellies from me.  I'm pretty sure they were expecting a much older person than me!

I've been knitting like crazy, too.  I've had a couple of baby blankets to complete, and I have made more dishcloths than I can count.  Super easy, thoughtless knitting, but of course, they sell the best!

I've also been working on some super cute baby headbands and sandals.  I should get some pictures taken tomorrow, so I will post those, too!

Within the next few days, I will be working on updating my blog, and putting a lot of work into it.  I always forget how much I love to write until I sit down to do it again.  I will be back...I promise!

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