Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh, Summertime!

It is officially summer!  I love everything about summer...even the heat.
Excuse the terrible cell phone picture, taken while sitting at a stop sign....

I love being able to sit outside with friends until late at night (or perhaps early morning!?) and still be warm.

I love watching Flower and Little Man splash in the water, ride their bikes, and just be kids.  I love walking to the park with them.

I love walking through my garden, and seeing how big the plants got overnight.  I love picking veggies off the plants, and serving them for supper that night.

I love when Barb Wire Man grills supper outside.  It smells up the whole neighborhood, I don't have dishes to do,  and he is even more handsome when he is cooking for me than usual!

I love putting out a glass jar of water, and letting the sun make tea.

I love the way my laundry smells from hanging out to dry on the line.

I love the flowers that bloom in my backyard, then close up by noon because it gets too hot.

I love that summer turns to fall, and fall is my most favorite season of all!

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