Monday, December 13, 2010

Its Just Another Manic Monday!

My to-do list is no less than a mile long.  Now, I admit, I am a list maker, and love to make lists, so sometimes my list includes to-do items like "make tomorrow's to-do list", or "cook supper".  But some days are so crazy I need to be reminded to cook supper. 

Today has already been productive, though, thankfully!  I am happy to report that I am 90% finished with my very last set of pajamas.  Thank you, LORD! I am so incredibly sick of that pattern. I literally dreamed about cutting it out last night.

I need to wrap presents, because I can barely get to the clothes in my closet.  Then I wonder, what the heck is the point!?  I have a two year old son.  Last year, my girl knew what she was getting way before Christmas because he decided to rip the paper off weeks before it was time.  So, I am going to wrap them, then stick them BACK in my closet until Christmas Eve.  Any advice here?  How do you keep Christmas presents from being opened, when on a daily basis you have 3 boys under 2 at your house!?

I'm also busy getting my little girl ready for her surgery on Monday.  While I am so ready for her to have this surgery, because she will stop being so sick, I am really quite nervous.  I've never had to watch someone walk away with my baby while I just stand there and watch. 

Now, for a bit of business.

Any orders placed up until midnight tonight (excluding custom orders) will be shipped tomorrow.  I will continue to accept orders, but will not be making any shipments between 12/15-12/22.  I need to spend my time being mommy, and making sure Miss Flower recovers fully from her surgery.  I hope this doesn't cause any problems.  If for you some reason you just absolutely must have something shipped, please contact me!

And, finally, I apologize for not being able to read every one's blog and comment...its been a crazy few days!  I have some catching up to do...if my computer will continue to work halfway like it is supposed to.  (It has turned off 3 times since I started typing this.  And it is fully charged.)  Frustration!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and an even better week!

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  1. It definitely is a busy time of the year! I'm super busy as well. Best of luck that you can get it all done!


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