Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010!

Here I sit, on the last day of the year, thinking about how things have changed!  For one, I am not searching for the party of the year.  I have no intention whatsoever of getting so schnockered that I don't even remember bring in the new year!  I remember when I enjoyed doing that, now I just wonder why on earth anyone wants to spend the first day of the new year hung over?  Instead, I have done nothing but sit on the couch with my husband, watching our two beautiful children playing on the floor with their plethora of new Christmas toys.  Looking back, it was a crazy year.  Many things changed in our family: new jobs for my man; surgery, new friends, and a new school for my girl; changing from baby to toddler for my son.  As for me, there are a lot of new things.  Most people would view them as insignificant, but not I.  No, I see every detail as something important in some way.  I do not believe in chance, or coincidence.  Each moment that has happened, or will happen, was specifically written into my life by my Creator.

I've spent a solid year without having to choose between a 9-5 job and my kids.  Instead, I've been given the privilege of caring for my children, as well as the children of 3 teachers here in town.  I figured it up:  I make a whoppin' $8 an hour watching those extra kids, and I certainly don't get paid for my own.  But to me, its priceless to be able to serve my family every hour of the day.

I've had to learn how to be OK alone at times.  That I will be OK if Barb Wire Man doesn't make it home every night because of his job.  I learned that keeping a very large revolver close at hand sometimes helps me feel more at ease when he is gone!

I've been proven yet again that God, not a job, the government, or a husband, is my Provider.  This has proven true more times in my life than I could ever count!  When my husband went without a job, we never hurt for money.  We never went hungry, and our bills were always paid and current.  My husband's dream job opened up for him at just the right time.  God's timing is always perfect.

I've re-learned that not only is God my provider, but He is also my protector.  "Something" told me we had problems with our home's gas service.  On a hunch, I called the gas company and asked them to look at it.  Sure enough, gas was leaking into my home from a broken line under my kitchen.  The leak was so bad, the gas man was surprised no one was injured.  Thankfully, we were able to convert our gas water heater to electric in a matter of hours.  How many nights did my family fall asleep, unknowingly breathing in carbon monoxide, yet wake completely healthy the next day?!  I'm sure experts could give you reasons, but I will operate on the fact that is was God providing divine protection for His children.

I've learned that going to college does not make you intelligent, nor does dropping out of school make you an idiot.  That a person lacking "higher education" can make as much if not more money than the genius just out of college.

I've learned that sometimes it is nice to sit on the couch holding your children on each side of you, and not worry about the way your kitchen looks, or the laundry piled up on the other couch....which was probably the reason the kids were so close to me to begin with!

I've learned much more, but will stop there.  The last day of 2010 in the Texas panhandle is pretty nasty....winds in excess of 25 mph sustained, with gusts upwards or 55.  Yes, its the type of day when the weather men tell you to tie down lawn furniture, and to hold on to dogs and small children.  Anyone under 100 pounds should put rocks in your pocket, and/or tie a flag to yourself.  There are some nasty brown clouds, not because rain is on the way, but because there is so much dirt in the air the sky is actually brown.  And its bitterly cold - 37 degrees by my thermometer- which makes the wind chill negative to damn cold for me to go outside degrees.  (I made that up, by the way!)

I think I will go now and put on some hot tea to warm my bones, then cuddle up next to barb wire man who is asleep on the couch, holding the remote control so I can't change the channel on the TV.  And I bet I will be in bed by 10:30, so have fun ringing in the new year without me!

Happy New Year, everyone, and may 2011 be blessed!

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