Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ready for Some Normalcy!

My goodness.  I haven't sat down to write in over a week.  It feels like longer, though!  It has been insanely crazy around here lately.

I have had this week, and will have all of next week, off from the daycare.  I am very lucky that all my moms are teachers, so when my little Flower is out of school, so are the teachers!  I thought it would be quite relaxing.  Well, this is one of the very few times I was wrong!

Flower's surgery went great.  They did give her some loopy meds before they actually took her away for the surgery, but the poor child is just like me.  We have very high metabolisms, and medicines tend to wear off on us before they do on other people.  So she remembers them taking her away, and so do I.  I will never forget that.  I assumed it would be hard.  I was wrong again.  It was painful.  It broke my heart.  My daddy was back there with me when they took her, and as they wheeled her off she turned around, tried to get off the bed and cried "Mommy NO!!!!  Mommy!!!!  Mommy!!!!"  It broke my heart, and when I got to the waiting room with my son and my mom I lost it.  About the time I recovered, they came and told me it was over!  The doctor said he had never seen such scarring from infection on a 7 year old, so it was high time for those tonsils to come out.  She is recovering perfectly, and we had our follow up today.  Everything looks great, and she should be able to eat Christmas supper just fine!

Our laptop went to visit the great big Dell laptop cloud in the sky.  Or so I thought.  I struggled with repairing that thing all night last Wednesday.  Even had a friend here who witnessed it!  The last thing the screen told me was "This computer cannot correct itself.  Please contact Dell."  I turned it off, and put it in the back room.  My husband came home, pushed the power button, and would you believe the damn thing turned on perfectly!?  NOT ONE SINGLE PROBLEM!  And it hasn't messed up since.  So, my sweet Barb Wire Man told me that I was no longer allowed to use it, because every time I touch it it messes up!  So, I have been relegated to the desktop computer.  The one hiding in our bedroom that we forget we have.  The one my hubby used in college.  Over 6 years ago.  I swear, it takes a full 12 hours just to boot up.  But, it did give me incentive to organize our room and rearrange furniture!

Do you remember one of my very first posts about my poor toe?  If not, read it here.  At the writing of that post, that stupid bed had been in our bedroom for a good month.  I have been asking begging nagging my husband to get that thing out of our room.  Did he ever do it?  Nah.  But I did.  I am not a very big person...5'2" on a real good day, 120 lbs soaking wet with combat boots on.  But I got that queen sized bed out into the garage all by myself.  And, just as a little thank you very  much to my man, I put it right in the way of his Harley Davidson.  If he wants to go for a ride, he has to move the bed.  HAHA.  Sweet revenge.

All the Christmas packages are wrapped and ready to be torn into.  Tomorrow, we bake in preparation for the Christmas meal at my house on Saturday.  (I am so excited.  Barb Wire Man's grandmother made me some Kringla, which are Norwegian cookies.  I have never in my life tasted anything so delectably delightful in my life.)  It will be a long day, but so totally worth it!

I actually got everything sewn that I had intended!  I even got some of them mailed on time for Christmas!  I still have one thing to make, for one of my very dearest friends.  We don't buy each other presents, we always make them.  Neither of us really have the money to spend, and we think handmade from the heart is priceless.  But, I am knitting it, so it might not get finished in time.

And so, I must close to go knit before I fall over from exhaustion.  Tomorrow I plan on posting pictures of my baking adventure with a 7 year old little girl, and a 2 year old little boy who can't sit still for 2 minutes.  Have a great night!

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